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About us

and no we are not Inigo Montoya


This site is the official homepage for Wraith Games, the indie developers behind the block-crunching mobile puzzle game, Collapsus and the gravity-defying first-person puzzle game, Physix! This is the place for official Wraith news and updates straight from the dev team.

Founded in 2005, Wraith started out as a few friends and the idea, "Hey guys, let's make a game". Over a decade later, Wraith has grown into a close team of talented game developers with a common passion for excellence and love of gaming. We set out to make games that make the players challenge themselves, think outside of the box and most importantly: have fun!

Founded: 03-27-2005
Phone number: (513) 330-8514
E-mail: support@wraithgames.com


Check Out Our Blog
Don't Forget To Check Out Our Blog!


Get all the latest Wraith Games news and updates. See development updates, new game information, convention appearances and much, much more all straight from the Wraith Games Team!


Mom’s breaking out the baby pictures again

  • 2015-BEYOND

    Marching Onward

    Wraith gets an office at The Hamilton Mill, becomes an LLC, Collapsus and Physix are nearing completion and Wraith drastically re-brands while looking optimistically toward the future!

  • 2009-2010

    Picking Up Steam

    Physix is picked up by Game Pro Labs (the publishing arm of Game Pro Magazine), unfortunately the company ended up folding before Physix would be finished. This was also the first time Wraith would be seen at a convention (said convention being Animation and Gaming Ohio).

  • 2006-2007

    The Hobbyist Years

    Wraith began working to create many small, unpolished games to give away for free on online (many of which are now lost to time). Two of these such games were the prototypes for Collapsus and Fly Guy.

  • 2011-2014

    Getting Serious

    Wraith switches gears and decided to take on development as a business rather than a hobby. Many of the team members have graduated college at this point and the real development of Collapsus and Physix began!

  • 2008

    Physix is Born

    Wraith began work on the prototype of the game that would become the gravity defying puzzler, Physix (wraith's biggest project to date). While originally made in a DBPro derivative engine, it wouldn't be long until Physix found it's true home (alongside Collapsus) in Unity3D.

  • 2005

    Wraith Games Founded

    Originally called 'Mind's Eye Games', Wraith was founded by then high school student Jay Kidd, who just wanted to make fun games with his friends.


Here's what we live for





Jet-Pack Hero


Our Philosophy

The Tao of Wraith

Development First

Here at Wraith Games, we strive to put development above all else. Creating high quality, fun games is our number one priority.


We want to do our part for the environment. As such, Wraith Games is a paperless company.

Cross Platform

We want you to be able to play our games. We want to release our games on whatever platforms we can.

By Gamers, For Gamers

We’re all gamers and we know what you want because we want it too! We're all about putting our fans and our games first.

Indie to the Core

Wraith Games is as indie as it gets. We started out as hobbyists and as long as we're still around, we strive to keep the indie spirit alive!

Powered by You

We make games that you want to play. You are why we do what we do. Without all of you we wouldn't have gotten this far!


Reach Out and Touch Wraith

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You can also e-mail us at: support@wraithgames.com


20 High Street, Suite 211 B Hamilton, Ohio 45011


Phone number

(513) 330-8514