So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Hello everyone! Chris again, here for my second and final blog update for this semester; at the end of this week, I leave Wraith (at least temporarily) and go back to UC for a semester. But for now, I'd like to take a minute and talk a bit more about my experience so far.


Let’s start things off in late April, at PAX East:

The event itself was a crazy whirlwind of Collapsus, meeting important industry people, press interviews, and tons of other amazing games. In particular I had some really nice talks with Sean from Yacht Club Games, Zac and Marissa from BOMBFEST, and the developers of adultswim Games’ Duck Game. But not all of it was work, perhaps one of the most important things about the event was learning that macaroni and cheese pizza was a thing. Overall, it was an amazing event and I can’t wait to go back sometime!

Now, on to the big topic of discussion:


We released a game! Me and the rest of Go! Team Intern, Tradd and Lucas, made a game from scratch with tip and advice from the rest of the Wraith team, and it was a great learning experience for all three of us. Even with Tradd working remotely, I feel like we all worked great as a team, and all threw our unique ideas into the pot to make something really incredible. We were even invited to show the game off at VectorConf and be a part of their Student Showcase alongside a ton of other student developers, which was a huge honor.


In the end, it's gonna be weird going back to the classroom. I’ve had such an amazing time doing the things I could've only dreamed of doing, and I'll be forever thankful for the opportunities I was given. I can’t wait to come back and do more stuff with this group of misfits, because they’ve become some of my closest family.


Til next time,

Chris Quay

Collapsus Progress Report 2018!

Hey all! It's been a while since our last post (about a year, if I remember correctly). We've started doing our blog posts over on our website, so you guy's have missed a bit if you've not been following us over there or on social media. I wanted to give all you wonderful people an update on the project... and I've gotta say, it's a BIG one! Try not to *flip* out!

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Reporting for Duty - The Late 2018 Progress Report!

Hey everyone! November was kind of a weird one around here: we didn't go to a single event! Weird, right? Well, it turns out we probably won't be attending any events until January, actually. So in lieu of that, this month's blog post is going to be a progress report on what we've been up to an what our plans are for the short term leading up to Collapsus' release!

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Just another Manic Con-Day

Happy Halloween! September and October have been such amazing months, packed full of so much for us that we just forgot to make a blog post for September (oops). October is always our big event season and we're no strangers to travel; but this September/October brought us to Columbus, Dayton, Atlantic City - NJ, and Huntington - WV! While not planned, doing big ol' "4 event blog posts" around this time of year has become commonplace for us, since we just don't have the time to do individuals with all that travel. Anyway, it was great to stretch out and take on some events new and old. So, let's talk about them!

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A Match Made in Matsuricon!

So, I spent 10 days in Germany this month (plus 2 days on a plane/in an airport), so I got to skip work for a good chunk of this month. This was also the month I started work as a part-time game design high school teacher on the side (don't worry, I started officially when I came back). Right after I got home, I had one day to rest before my first day as a teacher (we played Super Mario Bros), and then, that Friday, Adam, Steve, and I headed off to Matsuricon!

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Thank You For Galatune-ing In!

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, for a little while now, we've been working on the official companion app for the Galatune card game. Well, what you may NOT know, is that it's finally out, just in time for the Kickstarter for Galatune's new expansion: Duality! So, what's Galatune? Why are we working on this? What's it been like to do so? Find out next time on Drago... now, find out now. Like, down below. Go on...

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The One About PAX East

So yeah, PAX is by far the biggest event we've ever done, and since it happens to be the biggest event here in the states, there's a good reason for that. Nowhere to go from here but back down, folks! Anyway, normally PAX East is 3 days, but this year they decided to make it 4! Since we're exhibitors, that means we had to have everything set up a day early... and since we like 14 hours away (with good traffic), we had to leave here on Tuesday at 10pm!

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Practice. Practice. Practice.... Practice really does make Perfect

The first thing any artist asks me is, how did you learn to draw like that?! 

The actual answer, cliche though it may be, is practice. Now, before you slam your head on your keyboard and walk away, I’m going to share some thoughts on how you can practice the right way, and actually grow faster as an artist because of it. These are things myself and many other artists have come to discover through trial and error and I’m hoping, I just might save you a few hundred hours of aimless attempts to “learn how to art”.

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2017 - A Year In Review

Wow! 2017 was a HUGE year for us! Even wist the rest of the world outside these studio walls not doing so well, in here everything's coming up Milhouse! With this post, I wanted to take a trip back through the year and a brief look forward into next. It's been an eventful year, so I hope you're all comfy! ALL ABOARD!

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Events, Events, Events, Events (Oh, Yeah... and Events)

Man! October had a LOT of events for us! September 30th-October 1st gave us GDEX, October 14th saw Ohio Gaming Brigade's Pop-Up Con #2, the 21st-22nd gave us BOTH Kabo, and LexPlay, with the month ending for us on the 27th with the West Virginia Game Developers Expo! That's not counting all the news that happened BETWEEN those events! Let's get going else we'll be here all day...

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Festival, Con, Festival (Our Trip to Matsuricon 2017)

Hey all. This blog post is going to be a *bit* shorter than some of our other event posts, mainly because we took a BUNCH of pictures on Nat's phone and then it up and died on her. So, with not a lot of visual aid (until we can figure how to recover the pics sealed in their plastic and glass crypt) our trip just doesn't read very long. So... uh, yeah. Sorry about that.

Moving on...

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Steam, Events, and Newspapers... OH MY!

Hi everyone! Currently we've been out looking at properties, working on the Collapsus weekly builds, putting the finishing touched on a game jam game that went a smidge over time called (it's now hopped to this years Kentucky Fried Pixels jam), and putting more work into CaveWorm, Radarkanoid3000, and Burst Lancer. There's really not too too much to talk about on those fronts, though. There is something very topical we wanted to touch on this week, however: the death of Steam Greenlight and what that means for Collapsus! After that, some other bits of news.

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Collapsus - So, How's it Going?

Hey everybody! Sorry it's been so long since the last blog post. I'd written a draft for one last week, but decided to scrap it. On to pf that, we were going to have some guest writers come if for the blog a few times before that, but we had some scheduling problems. So. Yeah. This post today will be all about the progress of the Collapsus weekly builds so far! Let's jam!

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