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Events, Events, Events, Events (Oh, Yeah... and Events)

Man! October had a LOT of events for us! September 30th-October 1st gave us GDEX, October 14th saw Ohio Gaming Brigade's Pop-Up Con #2, the 21st-22nd gave us BOTH Kabo, and LexPlay, with the month ending for us on the 27th with the West Virginia Game Developers Expo! That's not counting all the news that happened BETWEEN those events! Let's get going else we'll be here all day...

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Steam, Events, and Newspapers... OH MY!

Hi everyone! Currently we've been out looking at properties, working on the Collapsus weekly builds, putting the finishing touched on a game jam game that went a smidge over time called (it's now hopped to this years Kentucky Fried Pixels jam), and putting more work into CaveWorm, Radarkanoid3000, and Burst Lancer. There's really not too too much to talk about on those fronts, though. There is something very topical we wanted to touch on this week, however: the death of Steam Greenlight and what that means for Collapsus! After that, some other bits of news.

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Lost Interview: Nintendo Love Affair - Meet Wraith Games

Much like with our post last year where we re-uploaded a lost interview we had with the blog "GamerProblems". Sometimes blogs go down and their content goes with it. The awesome people over at Nintendo Love Affair interviewed me last year about what we were working on and a bit of our history, but unfortunately, their blog is now just that... history. Luckily, they've allowed us to re-post that interview here so it can be preserved. Enjoy!

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All the News That's Fit to Air

So, we've been getting quite a lot of press lately (as you may already know very well from our previous two posts. It's always really great to be getting some more eyes on the studio and our projects. Heck, being featured in the JournalNews was huge for us. We thought it may be the biggest press we'd be getting for a while. Boy, were we wrong!

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Thanks for the VOTE of Confidence! (Collapsus in the Top 50)

Late on Saturday, we got some VERY good news! Thanks to all of your awesome support, once again our game, Collapsus, made it to the Top 50 of SlideDB's "App of the Year" awards! This was a big deal for us last year and an even bigger deal for us this year! Everyone has been overwhelmingly supportive of us (and Collapsus) at events, on social media, even in the press! You guys are awesome!

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MADNESS! 4 Events in 3 Weeks!? (Dayton Designed, LexPlay, GDEX and Alive After 5)

Hey all! Wow, we're exhausted! On October 22nd we went up to Dayton for The Ohio Gaming Brigade's "Dayton Designed: Game Night at Star City Brewing Company" (wow that's a lot to type; certainly not Twitter friendly!) then on the 28th, we headed down to Lexington for LexPlay and on the 29th, we went up to Columbus for GDEX! Yup, with both LexPlay and GDEX being two day affairs, we actually split up the team and took them both on! Then on November 3rd, we hit up our own hometown Hamilton for Alive After 5: Game Night! Here's how it went...

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A Bright Idea... Festival

Hey guys! Wow! It's been a pretty crazy week for us! Not only did Kristy, Natalie, and I spend all Wednesday night (and Thursday morning) setting up for the Artspace Hamilton Grand Opening (Kristy and I live there and I'm the chairman of the resident committee) but then, after spending all day Thursday actually at that event, I took a Greyhound at 3am to Louisville, KY for IdeaFestival!

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The LOST Interview

Lately, we've been doing a lot of interviews. It's been great! A while back we even had a whole blog post about them! Now it's probably high time we do another post of that nature, but until a couple of the interviews we did actually hit the web, that will have to wait. No, this time I'd like to highlight an interview we did back in February for the website Gamer Problems that's no longer online. Well, until now, that is! See, they had some sort of massive server overhaul and all their content before May was wiped out. Bummer! Thankfully, we just so happened to have that we had a backup of the interview and wanted to share it with you all.

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Fit for Fitton: Our Day at the Fitton Center Season Launch

So, as you may know, our Radarkanoid arcade cabinet was at the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts (a local art museum here in Hamilton) for their Hindsight exhibit until the end of next month. In fact, the whole reason we made this particular cabinet was for the exhibit in the first place. Well, to celebrate not only this exhibit, but the big launch of this new event season for them, they threw a big party! They had people counting at the door, and well over 1000 people came (which I believe is their biggest season launch yet). It was pretty darned cool. That also meant that a lot of people got to play Radarkanoid at this event alone.

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4 Short Updates From Wraith

Hey all! Things have been going really well around here as of late, though, if I'm being honest, today's blog post will probably be pretty short. See, most of you already know roughly what we have to report on anyway, so none of the news is really "huge" or anything. With that being said, here are "4 Short Updates From Wraith" (and yes, that is supposed to be a Simpsons reference hidden behind several layers of incomprehensible). Let's rock!

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If We're Being Pressed...

Hey all! Planning on doing another relatively easy blog post today, especially since all of the upcoming Collapsus blog posts will more than likely be rather lengthy. Today, I wanted to talk about press. You know, like journalists. Specifically, I wanted to talk about our history in the press and where you can go check some of it out. Let's start with the more recent ones and work our way backward.

Over the last few months, we've been interviewed three times (once in February, once in March, and once in April, as it turns out). The first one was by Gamer Problems, then Unstoppable Gamer, and finally, Nintendo Love Affair.

The first interview we did in this recent cycle was with Gamer Problems in February. Gamer Problems is a UK based gaming blog that mostly focuses on doing reviews and editorials pertaining to AAA console releases. Luckily, they also seem to do the occasional interview with smaller studios as well. We mostly talked about the development cycle of Collapsus, our inspiration, challenges and the like. You can read it here: (UPDATE: The GamerProblems website lost most of it's date a while back and the interview is down. You can view and archive of it here: / on our blog)

Gamer Problems

The second wasn't as out of the blue as the others. It was by Unstoppable Gamer, which is a division of the awesome AbleGamers charity. We had talked to some of the guys from AbleGamers back when we went to OGDE in November. They really liked what we were doing with the colorblind options in Collapsus, so they said they wanted to get an interview done after the holidays. This is that interview: This one, as you can probably guess, primarily focuses on the accessibility options in Collapsus, and our thoughts/feelings on accessibility in general. It's a pretty important topic for us, so this interview was probably our favorite of the three.

Unstoppable Gamer

The third was with Nintendo Love Affair. These guys are awesome. They're a fledgling Nintendo fan-blog from right here in Ohio. They mostly talk to 3rd party Nintendo developers or indie developers... luckily, we're both! They have a great sense of humor and doing this one was a blast! This one, oddly enough, was mostly about Physix! It's always great to get to talk about Physix, despite how slow-going the development process is. You can read it here: (UPDATE: The Nintendo Love Affair website is permanently closed. We're talking with their main editor about archiving the interview on our own blog. Stay tuned!) 

Nintendo Love Affair

Now, before all that, shortly after OGDE, JamSonic did a write up on us and Collapsus as part of an OGDE recap series. This one wasn't an interview, but an overview of Collapsus and their experience playing it and talking with us. The good news is that they loved doing both! You can read it, right here:


Before all of these, though, we were featured elsewhere a few times. Back in 2010, while we were attending A&G Ohio, I was interviewed by my good friend Glenn Dubois (Glenntai) of The Nerdfit Network. Well, I say "good friend" only in retrospect, because this was actually the first time we had ever talked at that point! Do one interview, pickup a long-time friend (actually a few long-time friends, counting the rest of Nerdfit)! Best. Interview. Ever! Anyway, I digress. This interview was about the demo of Physix we had brought to A&G. Cool thing is that it was an audio interview. Sadly, it's not up on their site anymore (all of their older content was wiped a few years ago after a website upgrade), but luckily, I still have a copy. Be warned, however: not only do I sound like a major dork, but Physix (and all of Wraith, really) is a very different animal now. What I say here basically has nothing to do with the Physix you'll all be playing here soon.

We appeared briefly in a Hamilton Journal News article last year as well:

Other than that, we did appear a couple times in Indie Game Magazine in 2010 as well, but not as part of an article or anything. We had just donated to Jordan Magnuson's awesome GameTrekking project, so they had mentioned us. We may have also been mentioned in a 2009 issue of GamePro Magazine as well, but whether or not it actually happened is a bit of a mystery. This was supposed to be a lead-up to an entire article about Physix when we were part of GamePro Labs, but Labs folded before our article was even printed. Heck, GamePro itself folded not long after. To be honest, I have half a mind just to buy a few old back issues and give it a look-see. I may even write about it if I do.

Well, that's basically it! We're always looking to be featured in more articles (and no doubt will be as the Collapsus' Kickstarter approaches). If you have a blog or journal or something and would like to interview us or have already just done an article on us and would like to share, you can reach out to us at 

Next week: Probably Collapsus! 

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