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Collapsus Progress Report 2018!

Hey all! It's been a while since our last post (about a year, if I remember correctly). We've started doing our blog posts over on our website, so you guy's have missed a bit if you've not been following us over there or on social media. I wanted to give all you wonderful people an update on the project... and I've gotta say, it's a BIG one! Try not to *flip* out!

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A Match Made in Matsuricon!

So, I spent 10 days in Germany this month (plus 2 days on a plane/in an airport), so I got to skip work for a good chunk of this month. This was also the month I started work as a part-time game design high school teacher on the side (don't worry, I started officially when I came back). Right after I got home, I had one day to rest before my first day as a teacher (we played Super Mario Bros), and then, that Friday, Adam, Steve, and I headed off to Matsuricon!

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Thank You For Galatune-ing In!

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, for a little while now, we've been working on the official companion app for the Galatune card game. Well, what you may NOT know, is that it's finally out, just in time for the Kickstarter for Galatune's new expansion: Duality! So, what's Galatune? Why are we working on this? What's it been like to do so? Find out next time on Drago... now, find out now. Like, down below. Go on...

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Festival, Con, Festival (Our Trip to Matsuricon 2017)

Hey all. This blog post is going to be a *bit* shorter than some of our other event posts, mainly because we took a BUNCH of pictures on Nat's phone and then it up and died on her. So, with not a lot of visual aid (until we can figure how to recover the pics sealed in their plastic and glass crypt) our trip just doesn't read very long. So... uh, yeah. Sorry about that.

Moving on...

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