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MADNESS! 4 Events in 3 Weeks!? (Dayton Designed, LexPlay, GDEX and Alive After 5)

Hey all! Wow, we're exhausted! On October 22nd we went up to Dayton for The Ohio Gaming Brigade's "Dayton Designed: Game Night at Star City Brewing Company" (wow that's a lot to type; certainly not Twitter friendly!) then on the 28th, we headed down to Lexington for LexPlay and on the 29th, we went up to Columbus for GDEX! Yup, with both LexPlay and GDEX being two day affairs, we actually split up the team and took them both on! Then on November 3rd, we hit up our own hometown Hamilton for Alive After 5: Game Night! Here's how it went...

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It's Showtime!

Hey all! I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up that we will be going to a few events very soon! Over the past few years we've been to A&G Ohio three times and Pandoracon once. It wasn't until last year that we got to go to our biggest event at that point: The Ohio Game Developer Expo (OGDE, for short) to show off Collapsus to all of our wonderful fans and fellow indie developers! It was a real blast and we hope to return again later this year (though we haven't registered just yet). This year has already had us driving all the way down to Kentucky for EKU's Vector Conference where, once again, we got to meet and demo Collapsus to all of you lovely people... but that's not all for this year.

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Puzzling Games

Hey everyone! Wow, we've had a pretty crazy week (and we're setting up for one just as crazy). Last week we were just invited to 3 new conventions (in addition to the 2 that we were visiting later this year already), the crappy under-floor in the studio was finally ripped up, and plans were made so that this week we have a meeting lined up to talk about said conventions, Radarkanoid music, showing one of our games at Hamilton's own Fitton Center for Creative Arts, and to work on the studio mural some more and get the new floor put in (after about a month being off schedule on that). This is in addition to the Hamilton Mill (where our studio is located) being flooded, and in unrelated water news, Kristy's laptop being water damaged (pushing Radarkanoid's release off by a few weeks). Aside from than that, though, just wow! I love it when all sorts of stuff like this (well, except the bad stuff, 

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If We're Being Pressed...

Hey all! Planning on doing another relatively easy blog post today, especially since all of the upcoming Collapsus blog posts will more than likely be rather lengthy. Today, I wanted to talk about press. You know, like journalists. Specifically, I wanted to talk about our history in the press and where you can go check some of it out. Let's start with the more recent ones and work our way backward.

Over the last few months, we've been interviewed three times (once in February, once in March, and once in April, as it turns out). The first one was by Gamer Problems, then Unstoppable Gamer, and finally, Nintendo Love Affair.

The first interview we did in this recent cycle was with Gamer Problems in February. Gamer Problems is a UK based gaming blog that mostly focuses on doing reviews and editorials pertaining to AAA console releases. Luckily, they also seem to do the occasional interview with smaller studios as well. We mostly talked about the development cycle of Collapsus, our inspiration, challenges and the like. You can read it here: (UPDATE: The GamerProblems website lost most of it's date a while back and the interview is down. You can view and archive of it here: / on our blog)

Gamer Problems

The second wasn't as out of the blue as the others. It was by Unstoppable Gamer, which is a division of the awesome AbleGamers charity. We had talked to some of the guys from AbleGamers back when we went to OGDE in November. They really liked what we were doing with the colorblind options in Collapsus, so they said they wanted to get an interview done after the holidays. This is that interview: This one, as you can probably guess, primarily focuses on the accessibility options in Collapsus, and our thoughts/feelings on accessibility in general. It's a pretty important topic for us, so this interview was probably our favorite of the three.

Unstoppable Gamer

The third was with Nintendo Love Affair. These guys are awesome. They're a fledgling Nintendo fan-blog from right here in Ohio. They mostly talk to 3rd party Nintendo developers or indie developers... luckily, we're both! They have a great sense of humor and doing this one was a blast! This one, oddly enough, was mostly about Physix! It's always great to get to talk about Physix, despite how slow-going the development process is. You can read it here: (UPDATE: The Nintendo Love Affair website is permanently closed. We're talking with their main editor about archiving the interview on our own blog. Stay tuned!) 

Nintendo Love Affair

Now, before all that, shortly after OGDE, JamSonic did a write up on us and Collapsus as part of an OGDE recap series. This one wasn't an interview, but an overview of Collapsus and their experience playing it and talking with us. The good news is that they loved doing both! You can read it, right here:


Before all of these, though, we were featured elsewhere a few times. Back in 2010, while we were attending A&G Ohio, I was interviewed by my good friend Glenn Dubois (Glenntai) of The Nerdfit Network. Well, I say "good friend" only in retrospect, because this was actually the first time we had ever talked at that point! Do one interview, pickup a long-time friend (actually a few long-time friends, counting the rest of Nerdfit)! Best. Interview. Ever! Anyway, I digress. This interview was about the demo of Physix we had brought to A&G. Cool thing is that it was an audio interview. Sadly, it's not up on their site anymore (all of their older content was wiped a few years ago after a website upgrade), but luckily, I still have a copy. Be warned, however: not only do I sound like a major dork, but Physix (and all of Wraith, really) is a very different animal now. What I say here basically has nothing to do with the Physix you'll all be playing here soon.

We appeared briefly in a Hamilton Journal News article last year as well:

Other than that, we did appear a couple times in Indie Game Magazine in 2010 as well, but not as part of an article or anything. We had just donated to Jordan Magnuson's awesome GameTrekking project, so they had mentioned us. We may have also been mentioned in a 2009 issue of GamePro Magazine as well, but whether or not it actually happened is a bit of a mystery. This was supposed to be a lead-up to an entire article about Physix when we were part of GamePro Labs, but Labs folded before our article was even printed. Heck, GamePro itself folded not long after. To be honest, I have half a mind just to buy a few old back issues and give it a look-see. I may even write about it if I do.

Well, that's basically it! We're always looking to be featured in more articles (and no doubt will be as the Collapsus' Kickstarter approaches). If you have a blog or journal or something and would like to interview us or have already just done an article on us and would like to share, you can reach out to us at 

Next week: Probably Collapsus! 

The Ghost of Events Now and Yet to Pass

Hey all! Last week I said that this week's blog would be "completely different". So it is written, so it shall be! A bit of quick housekeeping, though. As of late we've picked Collapsus back up hard and heavy. The plan is after the studio remodel is done, we should then film the Kickstarter video and have the weekly builds start up around that time as well. Speaking of the remodel, if (and I mean if) our current plans really do come to pass, then the studio remodel should be finished (yeah, both Phase 2 & 3! Hot dang!) some time next month. As for Radarkanoid, it's ~90% done, but there is an unusual bug (or possibly our terrible math) preventing its completion. Either way, the solution should hit us soon and after that's done, we'll get it out the door as soon as we can. It's all pretty cool, right?

Well, with that being said, on to the topic at hand: Conventions! 

No, we're not planning another convention trip (well, kinda, but I'll elaborate on that near the end. Prepare to be disappointed). No, I wanted to talk about the conventions of the past, who we met, and some of what we learned. Okay? Okay.

The first convention we went to as a team was A&G Ohio in 2009 (several of us were part of the convention scene beforehand, but just as fans). We weren't yet "Guests" as of 2009, but instead had a booth in the Artists' Alley. It was pretty awesome! Our booth was located next to the awesome fantasy artist Jason "Bandit" Adams. This was right after production on the prototype of Physix started and just before GamePro Labs picked us up. We had a live demo of the game playable on the floor and everyone loved it! Sadly, we didn't take any pictures of this one. 

The next year we were invited back to A&G 2010, this time as "Guests". Guests get to sign autographs, hang out in the green room, get free tickets, all that jazz. It's a way for the convention to be able to market you as an attraction and for fans of your work to be able to meet you. The only thing is that A&G, while being about animation and gaming, rarely hosts developers. It was pretty unusual that we even had our demo in artist's alley the year prior, since AA is usually for hand crafted merchandise and/or illustrations/paintings. We weren't even selling anything. It was just an opportunity for us to get the game into the hands of some potential fans and maybe get some valuable feedback... and boy did it work! We had made such an impression that time around, that that was the key reason they brought us on as Guests. 

We brought another demo, this time getting to show off the gravity mechanics that had been absent in the previous demo. We got to meet tons of awesome people, including fellow guests DC Douglas, Troy Baker, and the ever hilarious Chris Patton. For nerds like us, this was pretty humbling, to say the least. We also made long-time friends with Erik Ferris and Glenn Dubois (AKA chiptune artist Glenntai) of Nerdfit Network!

Aaaw. Look at how thin I was! ;P

The year after that, we attended A&G yet again as Guests. This trip was a bit of a zoo. We had a lot more to do this time around. It was fun, but really took a lot out of us. This was the year we met Brentalfloss ;)

After that, we didn't hit up any more Cons until 2013's steampunk convention, Pandoracon, where I (sadly not the rest of the team) was invited as a Guest to give a panel all about being a game developer. 2013 was pretty slow for us in general, to be honest. You may have noticed that there was only one blog post made then, and it was about Pandoracon. Heck, it was originally just a Facebook post that was added to the blog later on. Despite not being an eventful year, it was one heck of a con, though! Panel turnout was nice and people asked tons of questions. The panel ran over its alloted time because we were all just having a great time talking about game development. Afterward, several people joined me in the lobby to talk even more. I really feel that they learned a lot. I think I did, too! Unfortunately, there weren't any pictures taken there either.

The next time we made an event appearance was OGDE 2015! You all know how that went!  We met so many awesome developers, journalists and some of the awesome people behind the AbleGamer's charity. Not only did so many people play (and apparently love) our Collapsus demo, but we got to play so many amazing games! It was so awesome and we plan on attending again this year as well, if they'll have us!

Other than OGDE, this year may or may not see many events for us, though we really hope so! This year we hope to submit Collapsus to IGF and IndieCade. Hopefully we also get to attend IndieMEGABOOTH at Pax East in 2017, if Collapsus sales do well.

We love going to events and getting to hang out with all of you. Heck, if you want to see us at a particular event (or you are someone who helps organize one), drop us a line and we can see if we can make it happen! Next week: Collapsus probably? 

A Blog Post That's Actually About Game Design!

Hey guys! Well, like the title suggests, it's been far too long since we've had a blog post about actual game design! Things have been crazy with the rebrand, studio redesign, Collapsus Kickstarter prep, and OGDE... but this time, it's all about that sweet, sweet dev!

We got a lot of wonderful feedback from OGDE, so many of you loved the Collapsus demo we provided and some of the ideas mentioned for improvements will more than likely be implemented into the actual game in one form or another. For instance, a few of you asked if Collapsus would feature multitouch on tablets, and while we had previously played around with it in the normal game mode, it really made it too easy. Ultimately, though, we feel that while it's probably not appropriate for Standard Mode, with a bit of a difficulty boost, a multitouch Special Mode would be really wonderful! 

Oddly enough, though, some of what we're currently implementing (as of this week) is stuff we came up with in brief conversations amongst ourselves while manning the booth, some of which include: A board wipe powerup called "Nova", a rewind powerup called, well, "Rewind" (which allows you to take back a few moves), a powerup that flips a screen on the X axis, called "Flip" (inspired by our really well received "Gravity" Special Mode), and a Special Mode that features special "Axis" blocks that rotate blocks around them like a cog. That's just some of the new ideas (conveniently enough the ones that just so happen to feature as a part of this new screenshot of my workspace):

It's not all rainbows and lollipops, though. While we knew some parts of the demo were missing or broken, we didn't really know how much until it hit the showroom floor. Now, that doesn't really mean much for the final release, mostly because literally all of the problems in the demo could have been fixed easily; we just didn't have proper time to test it all the way first. Luckily, most of you didn't notice anything was wrong, so there's that!

Here's a brief list of the problems we didn't notice until it was too late (mostly because I find it really funny): The "Freeplay" option just didn't work sometimes, the game would restart your progress after you backed out of the Options menu, nothing in the Stats screen was accurate to what had just been played, and saddest of them all... the Chameleon block animation (shown below) didn't play! We really liked that animation! 

Luckily, we're taking this post-OGDE time to fix these problems as well as getting more done. We're even updating animations like this one as well as the particle effects used for the Powered Blocks. We're also in the process of diving deep into the Versus mode as well! We're even implementing smaller changes/fixes such as removing the "Freeplay" checkbox (which disabled Timed mode) and replacing it with a "Timer" checkbox so instead of having to turn off the timer, you have to turn it on. It's the little things, you know?

There's just so much cool stuff we get to do before the weekly public builds start and with the Kickstarter right around the corner especially, you can bet your butts you'll be seeing all of it as it comes along!

To OGDE and Back Again!

Wow! We had such a wonderful weekend in Columbus for OGDE! So many cool things to talk about... so lets get to it!

We left Hamilton a bit later than we expected on Friday, but made it to load-in without too much hassle. After going back to the hotel room, eating some fine local cuisine and playing some Magic, we went to sleep so we'd be ready for Saturday's activities.

(The view from our hotel window)

We set up for the first day rather quickly and almost immediately we had people coming in to check out our Collapsus demo and trailer. No clue how many people came to the booth over the course of the whole expo, but we do know that over 100 people took business cards (and that that number is only a fraction of the visitors we had).

Most of the people who stopped by seemed to love it! We had a few (very small number) of people who either weren't "in to" puzzle games or found it far too challenging for their liking, but for the most part (I'd say over 95% of those who stopped by) loved it! We also had some pretty cool suggestions as to new features we should implement into some new special modes... we may have to give those a try ;) One guy stayed to play for a full 15 minutes and there were even quite a few repeat visitors who just couldn't get enough of the demo!

The whole time we were demoing Collapsus we gave the option as to which difficulty to try (Easy, Medium, or Hard) as well as whether or not to play with a timer. Those who choice Hard and Timed both seemed to fin it very challenging (just how we like it). Tons of people stepped up to take the challenge of getting to level 2 and only 3 people succeeded, Robert from Hullbreach Studios and Max who was just visiting the expo. The third, however takes the cake... Brett Platt managed to get all the way to level 5! Brett, if you're reading this, know that we're going to be sending to a free shirt!

Not only did all that happen but we were also visited by Brian and Craig of AbleGamers, one of our favorite charities! It was really cool to hang out with them and talk about what we've been doing to make Collapsus as accessible to as many people as possible. They are really cool guys and we're all very happy that they loved the game! 

In addition to that, we all got to play some really cool games from other developers! Unfortunately, because we had to man the booth in shifts, none of us really got to get our hands on everything we wanted to play, but some personal favorites of my were: Adventure Lamp from RyGuy Games, both Placards and GetClose from Wombat Source, Falling Clyde from Battle Cavy Games, The Pedestrian from Skookum Arts and Robo Puzzle Smash from PXLPLZ (which I am pretty sure I now need to buy a stand-up arcade cabinet of if they get it released like that plan to)! 

(Picture unrelated ;P )

We had so much fun and got to meet so many of our amazing fans and fellow devs alike! We hope that those who attended loved it as much as we did and that we can be invited back next year to do it all again! 

The Road to OGDE 2015!

Hey guys! Can I start by saying that I am amazed... AMAZED that I've gotten the blog posts out every Monday like this. Wow. I mean, seriously. Remember when none of us could make a blog post to save our lives? Feels good to do this. Really does. Anyway, enough of that...

We've been trucking along, preparing for OGDE and I think it's coming along really well. For instance, we ordered a pretty awesome tablecloth for our exhibitor table. Check it out:

Pretty sweet, huh? Sitting on this tablecloth will be playable demos of Collapsus, some videos of Collapsus (and maybe Physix, if we have time to whip it up... or would that be "WIP" in this case?), our awesome t-shirts and our business cards! Oh yeah. if you followed us on social media, you may have heard that we were working on new business cards. Well, we got them finished! Take a look!

You like? We sent them to the printer last night and they should arrive at the studio in a couple days! We keep getting all this stuff rolling. It's been pretty cool. Just look at where we were last year compared to now!

OGDE will be pretty awesome and we hope you can join us. I know there are many of you who can't wait to get their hands on Collapsus and snag a shirt while you're at it. Just make sure that you chat with us while you're at our booth!

Wraith at OGDE 2015!

Hey all! Just wanted to use Monday's blog post to make an official announcement of sorts: *Clears ThroatAhhm. Mic test... Mic test. 1 2 3. 1 2. Mic test. Okay...

Wraith Games will be attending The Ohio Game Development Expo this year! (link here). The expo is at COSI in Columbus, OH on November 6th - 8th! Tickets are on sale now!

OGDE is a game development expo (duh) featuring so many talented developers from all around Ohio! Getting accepted as an exhibitor was a pretty big deal for us. We'll have a booth where you can drop by to chat with us, play a demo of Collapsus (weeks before the first weekly build hits) and/or purchase one of our brand new t-shirts! We're even planning on running a contest (though we haven't quite figured all that out) and showing off some bits of the ever elusive Physix!

It'll be a blast and we hope we can see you there!

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