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The One About PAX East

So yeah, PAX is by far the biggest event we've ever done, and since it happens to be the biggest event here in the states, there's a good reason for that. Nowhere to go from here but back down, folks! Anyway, normally PAX East is 3 days, but this year they decided to make it 4! Since we're exhibitors, that means we had to have everything set up a day early... and since we like 14 hours away (with good traffic), we had to leave here on Tuesday at 10pm!

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Events, Events, Events, Events (Oh, Yeah... and Events)

Man! October had a LOT of events for us! September 30th-October 1st gave us GDEX, October 14th saw Ohio Gaming Brigade's Pop-Up Con #2, the 21st-22nd gave us BOTH Kabo, and LexPlay, with the month ending for us on the 27th with the West Virginia Game Developers Expo! That's not counting all the news that happened BETWEEN those events! Let's get going else we'll be here all day...

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