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Collapsus Progress Report 2018!

Hey all! It's been a while since our last post (about a year, if I remember correctly). We've started doing our blog posts over on our website, so you guy's have missed a bit if you've not been following us over there or on social media. I wanted to give all you wonderful people an update on the project... and I've gotta say, it's a BIG one! Try not to *flip* out!

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2017 - A Year In Review

Wow! 2017 was a HUGE year for us! Even wist the rest of the world outside these studio walls not doing so well, in here everything's coming up Milhouse! With this post, I wanted to take a trip back through the year and a brief look forward into next. It's been an eventful year, so I hope you're all comfy! ALL ABOARD!

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A Bright Idea... Festival

Hey guys! Wow! It's been a pretty crazy week for us! Not only did Kristy, Natalie, and I spend all Wednesday night (and Thursday morning) setting up for the Artspace Hamilton Grand Opening (Kristy and I live there and I'm the chairman of the resident committee) but then, after spending all day Thursday actually at that event, I took a Greyhound at 3am to Louisville, KY for IdeaFestival!

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Mural, Mural, on the Wall

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't posted much lately. Every time we felt a good post in the making, it just slipped by. We'd thought that over the last couple weeks the press interviews we did would have been posted, but it looks like it may take another week or two for those. On the other side, we thought we may have some event announcements, and we do, but those only just came in. Then there's the Collapsus Kickstarter. Well, that's still on track but we have to finish putting this mural up...

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Floor it!

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of a post last week. We were doing quite a lot and it just wasn't in the cards, I guess. With Memorial Day yesterday, I guess this means we've been 8 whole days without a blog post. Yikes! Hey, remember when we'd go whole months without a post? Heck, we pretty much skipped all of 2013. Dark times, dark times. I'll make sure that won't happen again and I'll also try to make sure this article doesn't disappoint!

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Puzzling Games

Hey everyone! Wow, we've had a pretty crazy week (and we're setting up for one just as crazy). Last week we were just invited to 3 new conventions (in addition to the 2 that we were visiting later this year already), the crappy under-floor in the studio was finally ripped up, and plans were made so that this week we have a meeting lined up to talk about said conventions, Radarkanoid music, showing one of our games at Hamilton's own Fitton Center for Creative Arts, and to work on the studio mural some more and get the new floor put in (after about a month being off schedule on that). This is in addition to the Hamilton Mill (where our studio is located) being flooded, and in unrelated water news, Kristy's laptop being water damaged (pushing Radarkanoid's release off by a few weeks). Aside from than that, though, just wow! I love it when all sorts of stuff like this (well, except the bad stuff, 

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Remodel Updates & Blogging About Blogging

Hey all! You probably know this if you follow our social media, but I've been sick the last few days with some sort of cold. I'm feeling much better now, but I still feel like crap. That's why I'm going to soft-ball it today with a nice and easy post. The topic of the day is more remodel stuff and the blog itself! Lets hit it!

Last week we had artist extraordinaire Lance T. Miller and The One True Eric (Eric Baxter) of Nerdyish Things (yes, our part-time blog writer, Eric) in to kick this mural's butt! It seems to be coming along really well, if I do say so myself! It's really cool to look at the wall and see all of the cool stuff from games you've worked on (or plan to work on for some of them) sprawled out in front of you. It's just so awesome! Like, in the literal sense: it just fills you with awe! Okay, well it does for me anyway. Take a look:

Pretty nice, huh? It's really coming along. Only a little more sketching to do (probably another day's work worth) and then we're outlining the sketch with Sharpie. After that's the paint! Really no clue how long it'll take in total, but it hopefully won't be too long now.

That's pretty much all the news on the mural side of things. Now on to the blog news.

It's been about half a year since we started doing weekly blogs. It seems to have been a huge success! Before, blog posts were random and there was little incentive to even do them at all most of the time. This weekly format really makes us think about what we're posting and get something of value out of it. So, we're pretty sure we're going to continue this format for the foreseeable future. If it ain't broke and whatnot. Well, if we're just going to keep doing what we've been doing, what's this part about? Well I wanted to talk briefly about some things we want to be doing with the blog in the near future. A teaser, of sorts.

As you probably know, we've started up two ongoing series about the industry recently: "Where Do I Get Started" and "11 Things We've Learned from 11 Years in Game Development". We should have some new posts in both of those series here soon. The cool thing about those is that it (hopefully) won't just be me and/or Eric. We're trying to get not only the rest of the team doing little snippets on them, but also maybe some guest spots from other developers we know as well. Wouldn't that be cool?!

Other than that, we have a few other posts planned. We want to do a postmortem on both the mural & the studio remodel as a whole, a few more random development posts (for Collapsus, Physix, and Radarkanoid), a Radarkanoid launch post, a Radarkanoid postmortem, a couple posts about the status of the Collapsus weekly builds (when they're going on), at least one post leading up to the Collapsus Kickstarter, a Collapsus Kickstarter postmortem, a Collapsus Greenlight post, and maybe a few more Collapsus posts as well (like for the console releases, Arcade Edition, "weird ports", DLC, promotions, and the like). Then we shift into more Physix, JPH, and Cave Worm posts, but those are a while off.

Now, setting aside the 50 million development posts I just mentioned, you can also expect a post on the shirt making process, a post on the interviews we've been in recently, a post about making our old (crappy) game; FlyGuy, a post about our old (crappier) pre-FlyGuy games, a few posts about events we're either going to be at or breakdowns after we come back from them, a few posts about the game jam we're trying to organize, and hopefully a lot more (we are doing 52 blog posts a year, after all! That's a lot of air time to fill). There's even a few secret posts we have planned that we can't quite talk about, but we're sure you'll love!

There's just so many cool ideas we have ready to spring on you... so just stay tuned!

Developments in Development

Hey all! Sorry about not posting a blog last week. We had something lined up, but then some personal things happened and that particular post no longer seemed appropriate. Nothing too dire, don't worry. Live and learn, I guess. Well, anyway, this week I figured we'd play it a bit safer and just talk about direct news again, so buckle in! Oh, hey... look up top there: a new blog logo! Nice!

So let's start with Collapsus. Right now we're working on several things all at once on Collapsus. We're adding some new power-ups, getting started generating the Puzzle Mode puzzles, dabbling with true online connectivity, and tons more. That's pretty much where all our effort is, if I'm being perfectly honest. This is all in the service of getting the first weekly build live for you to all enjoy. After that is the Kickstarter filming (followed by the campaign's launch), Greenlight campaign, and hopefully the actual game's launch not too terribly long after that! So exciting! We have a long way to go, but we've already covered more ground in a relatively short amount of time, so we're confident we'll get there pretty quickly. We should have a lot of new WIP Wednesday and Screenshot Saturday content for Collapsus up on Twitter as we get closer to our deadlines, so watch out for those!

As for Physix, Steve has been kicking butt and taking names in the 3D modeling department. We're going for a modular approach to asset creation and what he's whipped up (or should I say, WIP'ed... eh... get it? That bad? Okay, I'll stop.) is simply breathtaking. He's just getting warmed up, too! Take a look:

Radarkanoid basically just has one bug. We're taking time to fix that bug here shortly. It sucks that it's one little thing like that holding us back, but it is what it is.

As for the studio, it's basically still just the floors and mural. Both should be finished up really soon, with a time lapse of Lance T. Miller working on the digital painting just around the bend as well! In the mean time, we do have some shots of Kristy and I working (taken by Steve), when the three of us were working a couple weeks ago:

Other than that, we do have a few other things of note going on. For starters we're trying to set up a big game jam here in Hamilton. You'll hear lots more about that as it develops. Also, we're in the process of completing our third interview of the year! Press coverage is awesome. You'll have a blog post dedicated to that here soon, too. There's probably more that I'm not thinking of, but I guess that just means we'll have more surprises at some point!

Hope that was enlightening! We're jam-packed with all sorts of awesomeness coming just around the corner, so stay tuned! Next week: More focused thoughts? Let's hope!

A Little Post About Big Plans!

Hey all! With most of what's going on already pretty thoroughly explored in other posts and on social media, I wanted to take today to do a little housekeeping and let all of you know what some of the other plans are moving forward in the near future. I'll try to ties this into some of the other things you already know about for context's sake. Here we go!

Okay, so as you probably know if you've been following us, the studio remodel is going pretty swimmingly. Got the "normal" painting done and all of the spiffy new furniture in! What we have left to do, though, is order those roller shades (either in purple or orange, probably purple), get a new filing cabinet (also the same color dilemma), get the floors ordered and down, and a few other things. Lets talk those floors first before moving on.

This Wednesday we're going down to a laminate floor place and picking up samples so that way we can know what looks good in the space as well as what the Hamilton Mill will allow. They're pretty flexible with that sort of thing, so whatever we choose shouldn't be a problem, really. Right now they're really swamped with other projects anyway, like the Municipal Brew Works brewery going in downstairs, Glance Software moving form one office space to a bigger one down the hall, the mural going up in the lobby and the one going in outside, so we'll try to make the decision for them as comfortable as possible.

After the samples are done, we can install it. We're doing it ourselves with a bit of help from some family and friends. Laminate isn't a very hard install.

The mural we're partnering on with Lance T. Miller on is ramping up in a serious way. Currently he's working on a series of timelapse videos chronicling the sketch and digital painting steps which will be edited into one big video that we'll share at some point here soon. He're a great black and white shot of the digital sketch of it he did a few days ago. It's pretty sweet!

After the remodel is done, then it's video time!

Now, there are quite a few little things going on as well. Recently we got our "Verified" badge on Google+ and we're working on that for Facebook as well, which means that we're getting a phone number for the studio here very soon since it's pretty much required. Hopefully Twitter will follow, but those badges are notorious to get.

We've also just picked up an Instagram. Hopefully the're will actually be something on it soon. We should have a LinkedIn profile and a BBB page in a few weeks as well. Speaking of social media and search, though, after the remodel is 100%, we will be having that Google photographer back to do those interior shots for Google Maps. You'll be able to do a 360° tour of our little studio!

Other than that, we have some team news. It hasn't been all settled yet, but it's possible that one former team member (who will remain nameless until the official announcement) and up to three new interns will be joining us! This is all pretty cool, especially since with Collapsus almost finished, Physix will be top priority soon and that's quite a bit bigger.

Well, that's really all there is this week. We should have even more news next week, hopefully a postmortem on the studio, an official Kickstarter video shoot announcement, Collapsus news, or a team member announcement. Who know?! Maybe it'll be one MEGA post with all of them! Hey, I can dream, right?!

Until next time!

Level Up! Death to the Beige Monster!

Hey all! Wow, this blog post is late, isn't it! Sorry about that! There's a really good reason for it, I promise! First, though, an update on Collapsus: it's doing great... now on to the other news!

Oh yes, oh yes, we sure have been busy around here! We've shopped, picked up packages, assembled furniture, planed things, moved heavy stuff, assembled  more furniture... we've done it all these past few days, and we have a ton to show for it!

So many shiny new toys!

These are just some of the things that arrived for the studio in the past few days! We have a new desk (oh, that illusive desk! It's finally ours!), four stunning new drafting chairs, one guest chair, a drafting table lamp, two desk-based headphone hooks (and another one for the mic stand), a SnapRecorder recording booth/box/thing, new studio headphones, new rug, t-shirt frame, waste bin, a new round of our Amazon Monster subscription and, of course, our Wii U Dev Kit!!! 

We can't show you the inside of the box for legal reasons, but here, have a shipping label! 

Oh yeah, Wraith Games on Wii U! It will be epic! Well, we spent all of today finishing up what we can so far (Lance T. Miller and his wife Amber joining us) until we have the other parts needed to finish the space out! Oddly enough, despite what we said on social media (and what our tracking data showed us) 

So... many... BOXES! 

This has been pretty great so far! SO much has gotten done with the space, just today alone! Here, why not take a bit of a tour with me really quick? 

Let's start out simple (and a bit mysterious, because I'm a tease). This is what we've added to the new drafting table we got a bit ago (note the new clock ahead, too. We think it's cool). We have our new "guest" chair and a nice lamp for it! Pretty sweet! Imagine all of the art that will get made here!

Oh wait! You don't have to imagine, because we have some of our mural sketches taped up their. Silly me!

Now on to the main work area!

Next we have a view of the new desk and drafting chairs. Both are adjustable so that you can go pretty high with them since the desk is a standing desk normally (or a normal desk when you bring it down low). It looks really nice in the space, especially since while it is larger than the old one, it really looks smaller! You can even see the little swiveling headphone hangers on the end there. Capping that all off is the new rug. Here are a few more of that area...

Oh, yeah! Cant wait to start working here! The old desk was pretty terrible all the way around (though it was built like a WWII tank). This layout is so much more open and we can really get stuff done with a setup like this.

Lets take a look at our little recording area over by the greenscreen...

 That's pretty spiffy! We ordered a SnapRecorder soundproof recording booth thing that goes around the mic, but couldn't figure out how top put it on until after these were taken (embarrassingly enough to admit). We're trying to do most of our sound in-house, so this should make things go really smoothly. We love this mic since we first got it (before we got the studio space) and adding the SnapRecorder and headphone stand bring it one step above for us!

Let's not forget about inside our mini-fridge! Monster! Our water of life! Fully stocked, and hopefully to remain that way! 

Okay! What do you think? Can't quite ? Well, here's one more shot of the whole thing...

Pretty snazzy, right!? We sure do think so! (Wow this is an exclamation mark heavy article... but we're just so excited, so I guess it's okay!) Hey, you can even see our t-shirt frame with our first shirt in it from back in 2007 with "WRAITHGAMES.ORG" (yes, .ORG) written in the old Ghastly Panic font logo. Brings me back. So yeah, we sure did put a lot of work into this... and we're not even done!

Here in the next couple weeks, we're adding wood laminate floors (BOSS!), new roller shades to accompany the blinds, finally getting a phone in the studio, finishing painting the faucet coat rack, finishing up the mural (heck yeah!) and calling that Google photographer back in for our official Google tour! We cant wait and we hope you can't either! After that, we're finally going to shoot that darned Collapsus Kickstarter video, now that we have a space worthy of being filmed in rather than that beige monstrosity (Oooh! Now I get the title!).

Here very soon we'll have more Collapsus and Radarkanoid news (and I've been told some cool looks at Physix as well), so stay tuned! 

Let's Talk About That Mural

Hey all! Happy Monday! For today's blog post, I had wanted to either talk about more of Wraith past,(most notably our early history and really old prototypes and scrapped projects) especially since those kind of posts tend to be our most popular OR talking about the plans for the new mural in the studio (since it's really fresh on all of our minds). It looks like the mural article won out! Don't worry, though, we'll do the other article some time here soon (hopefully after the release of Radarkanoid).

Murals seem pretty topical as of late because of the news that The Hamilton Mill (the building where our studio is located) has been selected to be one of several places Hamilton has decided to place a big 'ol mural! It'll be right above the parking lot. It's pretty awesome, especially since most of us have mentioned that one would look great right there. 

Here's an article taking about it further: Hamilton's been all about art and urban renewal for the past few years and the results really show!

On top of that, on the inside of The Mill in the front entrance way is a super sweet new mural done by the kids at the Butler Tech School for the Arts (which is, oddly enough, where I went to school. I'm so proud!)

With all these cool murals at The Mill, it's really time we get ours started! Here's a quick shout of the unpainted wall followed by it painted (well, it's a shot of most of the wall, anyway).

So, you can see it's a pretty big, blank canvas just begging for something awesome! Well awesome is something we're going to give it! The first think you may notice, however is the big conduits running through the wall, breaking up the usable space. That's actually fine, believe it or not. See, as you may have noticed, the studio is painted with our brand colors (mostly) and we've taken the pipes, radiator and conduits and painted them, orange to match the orange in our logo (yes, it's there, go check... I'll wait).  

It's a pretty striking look, to say the least. We're even getting that faucet-shaped coat rack we talked about in a previous post and painting it orange just to go with the look. Those orange pipes are pretty bold, but what if I told you they didn't just come out of nowhere...

BAM! This is an early screenshot for some sprite art on one of our smaller projects, Jet Pack Hero. It's pretty old actually. We've had it up on social media for at least a year, if not two. JPH, is a pretty cool game, but we're not really returning to it until more of Collapsus is done (and maybe even Physix). 

So what does that have to do with anything? Well look at this mock-up from before we painted the wall:

And now look at this (rough, incomplete) of a mock-up our friend (and amazing artist) Lance Miller (of Lance Miller Decks) did to prep our mural:

And this other (very WIP) Jet Pack Hero screenshot:

Now it comes full circle! 

The entire idea behind this mural is to play homage to Wraith's past, present, and future. Right now, we've mapped out how it's going to play homage to JPH and Fly Guy, but we also have plans to incorporate elements from our other current projects; Collapsus, Physix, Radarkanoid, AAAAH!!! A GIANT FREAKIN' CAVEWORM, RUN!, as well as other projects from our past and even future games we haven't let you guys know about yet. It'll be pretty sweet to see up on that wall... and who knows: maybe, just maybe it will fuel our creativity and inspire us enough so we can actually get finished with one of them...


Initiating Phase 2!

Hey all! Lets start today's blog post off with some smaller news. Kristy, our current lead programmer (and my fiancée) is a college student. Her new semester starts in a couple weeks on the 25th. As such, Collapsus programming will be slowing down a bit while she handles school. Don't worry, though, it won't grind to a halt or anything, just slow down. If any of you are programmers, though, and would like to help us get it out quicker, drop us a line either on our contact form on the site, or on one of our social media pages.

That being said, today, I want to talk about more studio remodeling! Any time we post about remodeling, we get tons of people mentioning how awesome what we're doing is. That was just Phase 1 (if you remember our blog post from a few months back). Now on to Phase 2!

What you're seeing right here is our new logo decal above our green screen! Pretty slick, huh? Well, it took several hours to put up, so it better look good. For some reason, they shipped it to us in pieces! Weird. It also didn't really like cooperating with our new wall paint. No big. We got it up and we're all pretty happy with it!

As for what's next for the remodel, we're going to start by getting a standing desk. We're thinking about the larger Skarsta from Ikea.
We're getting the larger one because A. There are never more than half of our team members in the studio at one time, and B. Sitting around the game work station encourages cooperation. It also doesn't hurt that the studio is tiny! We currently have a big ol' vintage tanker desk in there, but it's a bit smaller than this and we feel a standing desk would be better for us anyway (especially since I pace... a lot!) We had originally thought about making a pipe desk, but this seems to be a better fit for the space (and the price sure is right).

We are still getting chairs, for when we want to sit, however. We're modifying these with casters!

We're also moving the Collapsus Arcade Edition cabinet to a place where we can do more wood work on it. Going in its place is a spiffy new drafting table!

In addition, we're also getting a couple other accessories for Phase 2. A new clock and a pipe/faucet coat hanger (to be painted orange, of course)!

We've also gotten the go-ahead from The Hamilton Mill to replace our carpet with wood laminate and the wooden door behind the Collapsus cabinet with a spiffy new security door like on the other side! Our good friend, artist Lance Miller (of Lance Miller Decks) is also putting up a mural on the big, blank wall on the other side of the room! It's gonna look awesome when it's all done!

We want to be able to take pride in our work space. We're so proud of what we've made of it so far and we can't wait to do so much more with it! Next week... Actual game development talk (oh, my!)

Oh... and for the few of you that are interested, we do have an Amazon Wish List for some of this stuff (and other studio supplies) if you want to help us out:

Business as Usual

Hey guys! For this week's blog, I wanted to talk about the business side of Wraith for once. Up until now, we've been what's called a "sole proprietorship". A sole proprietorship is literally the simplest form of business one can have. It's basically just saying that the business and the business's owner are one and the same. While a sole proprietorship can have employees (like we do), any and all legal responsibilities fall to the business owner (in this case, me). Yikes! That's a lot of big responsibility when you think about it! What if an employee gets inured or the company (who is, again, indistinguishable from me!) gets sued? What about taxes?! Tons of crazy stuff can go wrong when it's just you acting as the whole company. Heck, we here at Wraith already act like a democracy when it comes to projects and business matters anyway, so why should I be the one with all of that burden? Luckily there is another way...

"Well duh", I can practically hear you saying. Well, yes, of course there is, but now is the right time for us to actually take those steps. As of this week, we've filed to become an LLC (Limited Liability Company). This is a pretty standard type of company; in fact, it's pretty much the most common type of business out there. A great big thanks to The Hamilton Mill for not only housing our studio, but for helping us get this paperwork out the door!

The Hamilton Mill, home of our the Wraith Games Studio.

See, the reason we feel the time is now is because this past year has seen a lot of changes for us. Even though we started way back in the dark ages of 2005, this is really the first year we started operating like a true "business" rather than just a group of friends with a really time-consuming hobby. Heck, we just got our studio space in February and started remodeling it in October. We launched our re-brand in September as well! We even have business insurance ever since we moved into the studio. Now with OGDE over, Collapsus being wrapped up, Physix being worked on again, and t-shirts soon to come, it just seems right to launch into this new era for us! In 2015, a whole decade after we started this crazy journey, we are the business we always hoped we could be! 

We're so glad you guys have been along for the ride and hope you stay on with us as we continue to grow! 

Studio Remodel - End of Phase 1

Hey! How's it going? Tell you what, it's going great over here! Over the past week, we've been hitting the remodel of our studio hard and heavy (as you've probably already seen over our social media).

After taking what seemed like a miniature eternity to get the greenscreen painted on the wall to a point where it functions as, well, a greenscreen and all of this massive rebranding we've been doing, we finally started in on the true studio remodel to fit with our new rebranded look (and we couldn't be happier with the results)! Just in time to start shooting the Colalpsus Kickstarter video and head off to OGDE, too!

Why not take a look at what we've done? Let's start at the very beginning (I hear it's a very good place for this sort of thing). Come on, I'll give you the tour:

 Here, in what we call "Day 0", we took pictures of what the studio looked like, so we could mock up how we wanted it to look! It was a bland, crappy beige color that no one liked (including the directors of the Hamilton Mill, who gave us full reign to paint if whatever colors we wanted) from pretty much floor to ceiling... Yuck!

After that (on Day 1) you can see us lay down a layer of French Silver... Classy!

Day 2 was spent putting down a layer of Charcoal to help divide the walls! Oh là là!

Day 3 gave us the gift of Wraith Games Orange! Do the orange pipes remind you of anything we may be working on?

And with that, we cleaned up, took down the painter's tape and moved everything back in! Pretty sharp, right? We still have to go back in and clean parts of the carpet and take a detail brush to some of the finer spots, but for the most part, we can call this a wrap!

Now, the remodel isn't actually "done" (in the strictest of senses), but instead we consider this the end of "Remodel Phase 1". What does that mean exactly? Well, I'm glad you asked! We have several new things in the works to make this space even more awesome! We have a new desk, chairs and drafting table planned for next month (or so) as well as a huge surprise from one of our very talented friends that we can't wait to show off...

But we must! It's not done yet and we don't want to spoil everything, now do we? Anyway: This entire experience has been a blast and getting this place painted (and planning for more stuff here soon) has really brought the whole team closer! It will be so awesome to share more with all of you as well. For now, though, I just gotta say, "hang in there"! We have more amazing things lined up to show you soon and I'm sure you'll be seeing way more of the studio now, too!

Gotta blast!

More Than Meets the Eye

Hey, all! Just wanted to give all of you an update on what's going on with the state of both the Collapsus Kickstarter video and the studio remodel. So let's get started...

As many of you probably already know, a couple weeks ago we had mentioned that we were going to start filming the Kickstarter video for Collapsus. We had everything all set: we'd gotten the script done, invited our videographer friend, Calvin and one of our artist friends, Lance (who's no stranger to Kickstarter campaigns himself) down to begin shooting the whole thing... heck, Thorne and I even finished painting the greenscreen and removed the test paint from the portion of the wall where we had planned to start painting the studio. It looked like things were going pretty smoothly.... but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!

(Picture 75% related. I mean, come on! Look at that old, unfinished wall!)

Having our lead graphic designer and brand manager, Steven, in the same room with me, Calvin and Lance only served to ignite the creative fires in us! We had pretty much always planned to remodel the studio (especially in reaction to the epic rebrand we just underwent), but we had pretty much always figured that it would be after the Collapsus Kickstarter video. Nope! Not now... and to be honest what a good decision it really was!

We had already put off the Kickstarter video in order to do it after the rebrand, as to more properly represent what we as a team were becoming (and to be closer to us appearing at OGDE) but that's also why we were putting off the studio remodel. So. If we're filming primarily in the studio, why wouldn't we want it to be the new, shiny studio space we had planned that more closely represents the aesthetics and values of the rebranded Wraith? Because that would make too much sense, that's why!

But yeah; that's why we're doing this now. After we start getting more paint on the walls, we can't wait to show you what our studio space has become. Not just here on the blog and social media pages, but on our Collapsus Kickstarter video as well!

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