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What's up? Well... Not the Average Number, I Can Tell You That! - An Editorial

I'm not certain how else to open up this discussion than simply asking the question that inspired it: Am I the only one getting tired of the score seven out of ten being the new “average” score? I mean, if I'm honest I'm completely disenchanted with the idea of giving numerical scores to media to begin with... and Metacritic is the biggest reason for that. But, that is a WHOLE other discussion that may or may not be brought up at a later date.

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Thanks for the VOTE of Confidence! (Collapsus in the Top 50)

Late on Saturday, we got some VERY good news! Thanks to all of your awesome support, once again our game, Collapsus, made it to the Top 50 of SlideDB's "App of the Year" awards! This was a big deal for us last year and an even bigger deal for us this year! Everyone has been overwhelmingly supportive of us (and Collapsus) at events, on social media, even in the press! You guys are awesome!

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A Wild Eric Appears!

Hey guys... Eric here.

Yea, I know it's been a while. But I've been working on some projects that needed my attention. Though, maybe as I catch up, Jay might ask for some more help with the blog again. For now, you got me this week because he's rather ill. And I think I speak for us all when I say we wish him well again soon.

You're likely curious about what the blog will be about with no announcements and the remodeling on hold as we all know Jay is not the only one to be sick. Well, as a writer I'm not involved in an in-depth way with Collapsus. So I got nothing. What I do have is some insight on some really awesome trends I've been noticing online.

I'm sure we've all had trolls and people just looking to give you a bad time online. You can't avoid it. So I'll say it's been real nice to see some great communities with my streaming. Most other streamers I've met are rather down-to-earth people. They're just trying to make their way and enjoy sharing their games with others. I've even made a few friends with some others streamers on a solid enough basis that we're looking to start a stream team together real soon. If anyone of you happen to follow my personal Twitter, you've likely seen me elude to such things.

But the real surprise, and the major point I want to make for the blog, is just how amazing it has been to work with other indie studios. So many are ready to tap streamers and content creators and set a working relationship with them to utilize word of mouth to help spread hype for their games, and more-so treating even small channels, such as myself, with nothing but the utmost respect. I've not once seen a studio requesting me to give anything but my honest opinion, a fact many wouldn't believe unless they experienced it, I'm sure. I know I might have been skeptical had I not seen it myself.

The point I'm trying to make about all this is simple. Gaming brings people together. Developer. Content creator. Gamer. We're all in this together and it's been refreshing to see working proof of just that. Everyone, I'm sure this is a trend I know Wraith supports and strives to keep and I would implore you to reach out to your favorite studios. Introduce yourself in an email. Ask for updates. I'm sure more often than not, you'll gave a happy reply from a developer excited to hear someone curious about their game.

I know it's not your usual blog, but I hope it was enjoyable nevertheless. I miss writing these things sometimes, so make sure to tell Jay you want me back more often. Stay safe, everyone! And take care of one another.

Total Re-brand of the Heart

Hey guys! Long time, no post! We've been pretty busy the last couple months. Most obvious, is the fact that we've undergone a complete and utter re-brand! We have a sleek new site and blog, amazing logo and brand colors by our graphic designer (and new brand manager) Steve and an increased presence on social media.

It's all pretty exciting stuff, if I'm being honest. We wanted to get this all out before the Collapsus Kickstarter (and before a few more surprises we have planned, but can't quite talk about yet!) At some point, we should put out a post about the evolution of the logo and website (kinda like what we did on Twitter for Collapsus, but with a little background info). That will be in due time, though. There's so much going on here that we want to take it all one at a time, step by step. Hopefully I can have a blog post out every Monday, if possible... but knowing my track record, you shouldn't quote me on it. 

So! What do you guys thing of the site, blog, logo and colors? You should let us know on our FacebookTwitter and/or G+! We'd love to hear from you!

Lots and lots of Collapsus (and EVIL!)

Oy! This is just getting comical. I swear, every time I say I'm going to post more frequently, I just don't. So here's an experiment: I'm not going to post anything until I'm 70, and if that doesn't improve things, well, that's the best I could do. There's a lot of news so I'm not going to post it all here. Over the last month or so, I've been posting lots of news regarding Collapsus to our IndieDB page (including lots of videos). Here's a link to that and you can catch up on all the articles that I failed to inform our main site about. Also, if you're on Google+ and you haven't seen any news posts (and actually, to a lesser extent, Twitter too), I'm really sorry. Sometimes I just forget that other, non Facebook social networks just even exist, but that is going to change as I'm not the only one within the team who is going to have admin access to our social networking accounts. Updates will happen, I promise.

Now, as for Physix, it's still being worked on, but as I said before, it's sort of a “done when it's done” type deal. We love working on it, but obviously 3D games take a lot more time, effort and man-power than something like Collapsus or Jet Pack Hero. Speaking of Jet Pack Hero, remember how I said I'd release more information about it? I lied. I'm just going to let you guys hang there wondering what it is, with just hearing that it exists and those two very early screenshots in our gallery to tide you over. I'm evil, I know. The reason for this, though, is that two of our three programmers are heading back to college and can't devote time to three games at once, so JPH will just have to wait until Physix and Collapsus slow way down.

Other than that, all I can say is to make sure you follow our IndieDB, because that's where most of the true development logs are going to be. Hope to see you there!

BOOM! Updates Ahoy!

Hi everybody! Just a few quick things to update since I haven’t posted anything in a while. Firstly, as you can tell, there's a new site theme we're trying out. I think it looks spiffy. So that you can tell us what you think about the remodel (or anything else for that matter), not only do we still have a Facebook and Twitter, but we now have a Google + as well! On top of that, we've acquired WRAITHGAMES.COM and WRAITHGAMES.NET so you can get to here from there as well as our .ORG

Thirdly, but surely not least of all, we're officially announcing 2 new games:

The first is Collapsus, an Android/iOS puzzle game that long-time followers may remember the taste of and the second is Fly Guy, a free-to-play web game. You can visit our gallery for some early screenshots uploaded with this post.

I know what you all might be thinking, and no, Physix WILL be keeping on-keeping on and on top of that we hope to have new screens, videos and a playable demo soon... we've just had more work on to do to make it awesome enough for the “final beta” mentioned a few months back and we'd rather post something huge rather than smaller things here and there.

Collapsus and Fly Guy are just some side projects that “turned real” faster than anticipated, that we hope will be out soon. As always, we're taking the “it's done when it's done” approach with Physix and these new games are the same way, but we think they’ll be out considerably faster than Physix.

Again, let us know what you think by visiting our social network pages and keep on PLAYING HARDER!

Don't Tell Scotty

Hey guys! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We did. Though to be honest, it's been pretty hectic around here and quite honestly, we don't have much to show for it. Work on Physix has been pretty much centered on the graphical side of things (working on shaders and the like) and despite all that, the game doesn't seem to "want" to look all that much better than the screenshots we posted in our gallery a little while back. Keep in mind though, it's still better, just not much better and we don't know if the engine can “take much more of it captain” if you know what I mean, so the graphical improvements may have to stop soon for better or for worse. Also, as you can tell, we made yet another change to our site as our web ADHD is a driving force on our way to world domination. We hope to be improving it even more as time goes on, but for now, this is what we've got.

Anywho... We here at Wraith have been feeling a mite generous, as in the last couple months, we've managed to donate a bit of money to some causes we think are awesome. Get Well Gamers (a company that puts game consoles in hospitals for sick children), GameTrekking (helping fellow indie designer Jordan Magnuson travel around the world and make games about his experiences) and Indie Game: The Movie (an awesome upcoming documentary about indie game design, development and culture). We hope you take some time and look at these projects too, as they are very close to our hearts.

We hope to have more updates due to the easier-to-post blog format, but whenever we seem to plan posts, that never really works out, but hey. We hope to keep everyone informed so if there are no updates here, look out for some on our Twitter or Facebook. As the winter approaches, we hope you all keep toasty and Play Harder!

A tale of two overhauls

It's been a long time and we have much to show for it. As you've seen, we've made a complete overhaul of the site, going from a blog-thing to a sleek new Flash format. Not only can can you still find news (obviously), but we have all sorts of new pages over on the toolbar over on the right as well. One of the things to note in the Gallery are all new (totally revamped) screenshots from Physix. We've taken most of our time (after updating the site) to try and bring new life into the game (because that's really what it should be all about). There's been a massive engine overhaul over the last few months (which still aren't even complete) which add all sorts of new elements to not only the graphics, but the gameplay and overall stability as well. It's a bit of a leap and the game is still evolving as time goes by, but we hope all of you are happy with the upgrades so far. Make sure to tell us what you think by following us and commenting on our Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages (links also on the right).  As for anything else, we're hoping to have more frequent site posts as development rolls along as well as a new video coming when the engine updates are complete. Until then make sure to Play Harder!

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