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More Than Meets the Eye

Hey, all! Just wanted to give all of you an update on what’s going on with the state of both the Collapsus Kickstarter video and the studio remodel. So let’s get started…

As many of you probably already know, a couple weeks ago we had mentioned that we were going to start filming the Kickstarter video for Collapsus. We had everything all set: we’d gotten the script done, invited our videographer friend, Calvin and one of our artist friends, Lance (who’s no stranger to Kickstarter campaigns himself) down to begin shooting the whole thing… heck, Thorne and I even finished painting the greenscreen and removed the test paint from the portion of the wall where we had planned to start painting the studio. It looked like things were going pretty smoothly…. but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!

(Picture 75% related. I mean, come on! Look at that old, unfinished wall!)

Having our lead graphic designer and brand manager, Steven, in the same room with me, Calvin and Lance only served to ignite the creative fires in us! We had pretty much always planned to remodel the studio (especially in reaction to the epic rebrand we just underwent), but we had pretty much always figured that it would be after the Collapsus Kickstarter video. Nope! Not now… and to be honest what a good decision it really was!

We had already put off the Kickstarter video in order to do it after the rebrand, as to more properly represent what we as a team were becoming (and to be closer to us appearing at OGDE) but that’s also why we were putting off the studio remodel. So. If we’re filming primarily in the studio, why wouldn’t we want it to be the new, shiny studio space we had planned that more closely represents the aesthetics and values of the rebranded Wraith? Because that would make too much sense, that’s why!

But yeah; that’s why we’re doing this now. After we start getting more paint on the walls, we can’t wait to show you what our studio space has become. Not just here on the blog and social media pages, but on our Collapsus Kickstarter video as well!


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