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Two Big Announcements

Well, if you know anything about gaming communities, the first announcement won’t be anything new to you: Wraith has opened up a new BETAing program with Section Eight Gaming ( If you want to participate in the program, all you need to do is join, which is completely FREE! It’s sorta like playing our games before they come out!

The second is a little bigger and more awaited: Physix has found a publisher in the new arm of GamePro Magazine: GamePro Labs! After a lot of talking and a little paperwork, Wraith has worked its way into an exclusive, online distribution contract with the newly founded publisher. This opens the doors for many marketing and promotion deals for our little company. We will have news posted on the game itself both here AND on their blog along with exclusive screenshots on GamePro’s site. You can find our page by clicking on their link at the right.

These are big changes, but it’s all for the better. Bettering us betters our games and better games means that you can PLAY HARDER!


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