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Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Steam, mobile, and MORE!

Collapsus is a brand new, award-winning, block crunching puzzle game centered around a unique risk-reward, resource management mechanic as well as a brand new device rotation mechanic! In the full version you can, tilt, turn, flip, and crunch your way through:

- 3 Standard difficulties and 2 unlockable difficulties

- Timed and Untimed options

- 25 Challenge modes and - 25 “Plus” modes to push your skills to the next level

- Super mellow Zen mode

- 300 mind-bending single screen Puzzles

- Online Puzzle Maker, so you can make and share your own puzzles online

- Unique daily puzzles

- Online Leaderboards for each mode

- Over 200 interesting, challenging Medals

- Up to 8 player local & online Battle mode

- Full colorblindness accessibility modes


No Ads. No in-app purchases, free DLC for life!


The final version of Collapsus will be available on all your favorite platforms: Nintendo Switch, Wii U, & 3DS, Sony PS4 & PS Vita, Xbox One, Steam (PC, Mac, & Linux), mobile (iOS, Android, Fire OS, & Windows Phone), and web!

Collapsus FAQ:

Q: Collapsus looks like “Bejeweled”, “Candy Crush”, or “insert generic ‘match-3’ game”. What makes Collapsus different?

A: It’s all about the mechanics. In fact, Collapsus isn’t a match 3 game at all:  At it’s heart, Collapsus is a game about resource management!

Firstly, with Collapsus, you have a “break” meter at the bottom there. Instead of swapping blocks, you break them; getting rid of them permanently. You then try to make lines of 4 or more blocks. Whenever that meter runs out, though, THAT’s when it’s Game Over. You only get some of that meter back when you make complete lines. There’s real strategy to it.

Secondly is your ability to rotate the gameplay field. Since you’re not swapping blocks, until you rotate your screen, you just have a vertical gameplay space. Flipping the play-field around really adds a “new dimension” to the gameplay!

So, other than spacial reasoning, and the fact that you’re matching things, there’s really nothing that make them all that similar. Unfortunately, gameplay videos and screenshots never really do it justice, you’re better off just feeling it for yourself!


Q: Collapsus looks a lot like “Tetris”. What makes Collapsus different?

A: While we certainly appreciate the compliment, Tetris and Collapsus are very, very different games. For starters, Tetris is additive (you add blocks to the gamefield) an Collapsus is subtractive (you remove blocks).

So, other than spacial reasoning, the difficulty (Collapsus is degigned to be more “hard core” than other puzzle games), and the fact that it uses blocks, there’s really nothing that make them similar!


Q: This looks like a lazy port from a mobile game!

A: Well, that’s not actually a question, but we’ll try our best to answer it anyway! Collapsus is designed for Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft platforms as well as PC and mobile right off the bat: it’s not really a port at all. We’re working on all of these versions at the exact same time. We want as many people as possible to be able to play Collapsus, and thanks to our publisher, Ratalaika Games, we’re releasing on all our platforms, world-wide, on the same day in 2019!

You’ll just have to give it a try to see if it’s right for you!

Q: What’s up with the resolution?

A: The resolution you’re seeing is for the early-access web builds. We’re developing the mobile, PC/Mac/Linux, web, 3DS, and Wii U versions of the game at the same time, but the free version we have for everyone to play is on itch.io. In the PC/Mac/Linux version you can adjust your resolution to fit your setup.


Q: Wow, you're promising a lot of content. How do I know the game will actually have it?

A: Well, that’s because it’s almost all done! In or free, early-access builds you can see that we usually add about 2-5 new Challenge modes, a few bug fixes, and things like that. You get to see it as it gets done.


Q: Where are the free, early access builds?

A: Right up at the top of this page OR you can play it here: https://wraithgames.itch.io/collapsus We add tons of new content every single week!

Q: Are there tons of microtransactions and ads in the final game?

A: Actually, no! Collapsus is a traditional game as far as pricing is concerned. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and if we do have DLC (like our free, weekly puzzles), they’re all FREE for the life of the game. You pay us once for the game, and it’s all yours!

There is a free version of the game with some things cut out, but to upgrade that, all you need it to pay for the game normally! It’s basically a demo. We’re even planning to offer DRM-free torrents of the PC/Mac/Linux and Android versions of the full game. We’re sure you’ll like it enough to pay us for it later!

Q: Has Collapsus won any awards or special honors?

A: Yes! in 2015, Collapsus made it into the Top 50 for SlideDB's "App of the Year" Awards, and the following year took home the #4 spot for "Best Upcoming App". 2016 also saw it being chosen as "The Best Game at GDEX" by the blog, CLE Tech. 2017 had Collapsus bringing home #2 for the "Best Game at Indy PopCon" as well as the AbleGamer's "Most Accessible Game at GDEX"!

Also in 2016, Collapsus was chosen to be part of the internationally traveling exhibit "Game Masters: The Exhibition" when it came to Columbus, Ohio.

Q: I’m a streamer, reviewer, blogger, etc. Can I cover Collapsus?

A: Sure! We’d love for you to do that. Drop us a line with your channel/blog at support@wraithgames.com and we’ll probably even send you a review copy when it’s out! You can even find our Press Kit here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/collapsus/presskit/all.

Also, if for whatever reason you want to do a fan game, fan art (or even fan fic) of Collapsus (or any of our other games), go right ahead just so long as you let everyone know it’s based off of our work! Send it our way and we may even give it a shout-out!
With any of this stuff, send it our way and we’ll try to give you a shout-out!

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