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Blue Collapsus Blocks tile


A Collapsus GIF in hard difficulty with the default color palette, rotating around
A Collapsus GIF showing off rotation in the Dr. Leon color palette
A Collapsus GIF showing off the Burst powered block in the Manuscript color palette
A Collapsus GIF showing off the Splash powerup in the Taco Jazz color palette
Red Collapsus Blocks tile
Tilted Collapsus Board


COLLAPSUS is a one-of-a-kind block-crunching puzzle game all about gravity manipulation and resource management!
Join Leon the Chameleon as you twist, tilt, turn, & flip your device as you solve your way through endless, mind-bending puzzles!


  • 3 Standard difficulties + 2 Unlockable difficulties; each with Gravity Rush and Time Panic variations with endless gameplay

  • 30 mind-bending Challenge Modes + 30 "Plus" Modes that add crazy new mechanics to the game

  • Super mellow Zen Mode, for when you just want to sit back and relax

  • Mission Mode, with 50 objective-based puzzle ops and 50 "Secret Missions" to amp up the challenge

  • A robust Puzzle Mode with over 300 single screen puzzles and a Puzzle Maker so you can share your own puzzle creations online

  • Free, unique, Daily Puzzles brought to your device every day

  • Multiplayer Battle Mode, where up to 8 players can battle it out for dominance online or locally

  • Online leaderboards for every mode, over 200 in-game Medals, and over 50 unlockable costumes, including cameos from some of your favorite indie games

  • Over 50 accessibility options for players with disabilities (including color-blind palettes, dyslexia-friendly font options, remappable controls, and more)

Leon the Chameleon thinking


Yellow Collapsus Blocks tile


Marooner's Rock 2019 "Writer's Choice" Winner
GDEX 2019 "Crowd Favorite" Winner
GDEX 2017 "Most Accessible Game" Winner
GDEX 2016 "Top Pick" Winner
IndyPop 2018 "Best Game Concept" Winner
IndyPop 2018 "Best Overall Game" Winner
Nintendo Duel Screens PAX East 2019 "MVP Award" Winner
SlideDB 2016 "Best Upcoming Game" Top 5
The Label GDC 2018 "Indie Game Showdown" Finalist
GameDaily Connect 2019 "Indie Prize" Finalist
SlideDB 2015 "Best Upcoming Game" Finalist
GDEX 2018 "Crowd Favorite" 2nd Place
IndyPop 2017 "Best Overall Game" 2nd Place
Ohayocon 2019 "Player's Choice" 3rd Place
Gamacon 2018 "Fan Favorite" Nominee
Gamacon 2018 "Best Mobile Game" Nominee
Megabooth 2020 "Official Selection"
Magfest MIVS 2020 "Official Selection"
Magfest MIVS 2019 "Official Selection"
SAAM Arcade 2019 "Official Selection"
Kinda Funny Games Showcase 2019 "Official Selecton"
Game Masters 2016 "Official Selection"

"Collapsus has out Tetris'd, Tetris"

Nintendo Duel Screens

Green Collapsus Blocks tile
  • Q: Collapsus looks like “Bejeweled”, “Candy Crush”, or *insert generic ‘match-3’ game*. What makes Collapsus different?"
    A: It’s all about the mechanics. In fact, Collapsus isn’t a match 3 game at all: At it’s heart, Collapsus is a game about resource management! First, with Collapsus, you have a “break” meter at the bottom of your screen. Instead of swapping blocks, you break them; getting rid of them permanently. You then try to make lines of 4 or more blocks. But when that meter at the bottom runs out? THAT’S when it’s Game Over. You only get "breaks" back in that meter when you make complete lines. There’s real strategy to it. Second is your ability to rotate the gameplay field. You're always kept on your toes by the necessity of literally turning the field to get a better angle. Flipping the play-field around really adds a “new dimension” to the gameplay! So, other than a certain level of spacial reasoning and the fact that you’re matching things, there’s really nothing that make them all that similar. Unfortunately, gameplay videos and screenshots never really do it justice, you’re better off learning the difference by hand!
  • Q: Collapsus looks a lot like “Tetris”. What makes Collapsus different?
    A: While we certainly appreciate the compliment, Tetris and Collapsus are very, very different games. For starters, Tetris is additive (played by adding blocks to the gamefield) while Collapsus is subtractive (played by removing blocks from the playfield). Both games have blocks, but ours are single blocks and Tetris has "tetrominos" made up of blocks acting as one piece. Other than spacial reasoning, the difficulty (Collapsus, like Tetris, is a puzzle game built to stretch your brain power), and the shared genre, the two actually don't have much in common from a structural standpoint.
  • Q: This looks like a lazy port from a mobile game!
    A: Well, that’s not actually a question, but we’ll try our best to answer it anyway! Collapsus is designed natively for Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft platforms as well as PC and mobile, right off the bat. We’re working on all of these versions at the exact same time. We want as many people as possible to be able to play Collapsus, and thanks to our publisher, Ratalaika Games, we’re releasing on all our platforms worldwide, on the same day!
  • Q: I’ve been following Collapsus for a while, when will it actually be done?"
    A: Well, that’s a bit tough to say. We’re nearly there *for real*, but we still have some finishing touches to wrap up. The plan is to have it out to all our wonderful fans as soon as we can! However, if that's not quite good enough, you can follow our progress over on our Feature Board:
  • Q: Where are the pay-what-you-want early access builds?"
    A: You can play them here:
  • Q: This is chockful of intrusive ads and microtransactions, isn't it?"
    A: Actually, no! Collapsus is a traditional game as far as pricing is concerned. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and if we do have DLC (like our free, weekly puzzles), they’re all FREE for the life of the game. You pay us once for the game, and it’s all yours! There is a free demo version of the game with some things cut out, but to get what you're missing, all you need is to pay for the game normally! We’re even planning to offer DRM-free torrents of the PC/Mac/Linux and Android versions of the full game. We’re confident you’ll like it enough to pay us for it once you've played enough!
  • Q: I’m a streamer, reviewer, blogger, etc. Can I cover Collapsus?"
    A: Sure! We’d love for you to do that. Drop us a line with your channel/blog at and we may be able to send you a review copy when it’s out! You can find our Press Kit here: Also, if for whatever reason you want to do a fan game, fan art (or even fan fiction) of Collapsus (or any of our other projects), go right ahead just so long as you let everyone know it’s based on our work! Send it our way and we’ll try to give you a shout-out!

Press for our kit!

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