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Wraith Games
Based in Hamilton, OH

Founding date:
April 26 2005


Press / Business Contact:



+1 (513) 330-8514


Wraith Games is an award-winning game development worker's collective based in Hamilton, Ohio. We are a close team of skilled game developers with a common passion for excellence, love of gaming, and razor-sharp focus on accessibility. We set out to make games that inspire players to challenge themselves, think outside of the box, and most importantly... have fun!


Founded in 2005, Wraith started out as a few friends and the idea, "Hey guys, let's make a game". We learned a lot by making a bunch of small games our first couple of years (ones that we lovingly call the "50 Terrible Prototypes"). Over a decade later, Wraith has grown into a close-nit team who are ready for any design challenge on our way to making the type of strange, genera-defying games we'd like to play.

In 2008, we were picked up by GamePro Labs (as one of ten teams) to have our game, Physix, published. Despite them going bankrupt, we moved on. The next year, we went to our first convention, A&G Ohio. In 2016 alone, we attended 13 conventions, with 15 more in 2017!

2015 and 2016 were huge years for us. It saw us getting a massive rebrand, a physical studio space (and remodeling that space), we became Nintendo Licensed Developers, attended the internationally traveling Game Masters - The Exhibition, released our second game, Radarkanoid, and started receiving a lot of press and overwhelmingly positive critical recognition for our upcoming game, Collapsus.

Through 2017 and 2018 we expanded our studio space to ~2000 sq/ft and locked our focus on finishing up Collapsus for "all your favorite platforms", while winning a few awards for it along the way (our favorite being the AbleGamer's Charity "Most Accessible Game at GDEX 2017" award).

Our team members each have broad backgrounds in the industry ranging from working with Rio Grande Games, Paizo Publishing, Gear5 Media, EKU Gaming Institute, Gut Bustin' Games, and Bicycle Playing Cards, while others are former freelancers who have instead made games, apps, and art for hundreds of brands all around the world.





Collapsus Gameplay Reel 2022 - YouTube

Radarkanoid Kentucky Fried Pixels (2016) - YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "App of the Year 2015 - Best Upcoming Game - Finalist" - SlideDB

  • "App of the Year 2016 - Best Upcoming Game - Top 5" - SlideDB

  • "Top Pick of GDEX 2016" - CLE Tech

  • "Best Overall Game of Indy PopCon 2017 - 2nd Place" - Slickster Magazine

  • "Most Accessible Game of GDEX 2017" - AbleGamers Charity

  • "GDC 2018's Indie Game Showdown - Finalist" - The Label

  • "Best Overall Game of Indy PopCon 2018" - Slickster Magazine

  • "Best Game Concept of Indy PopCon 2018" - Slickster Magazine

  • "Crowd Favorite of GDEX 2019" - Playvue

  • "Crowd Favorite of GDEX 2018 - 2nd Place" - Playvue

  • "Best Mobile Game of Gameacon 2018 - Nominee" - Gameacon

  • "Fan Favorite Game of Gameacon 2018 - Nominee" - Gameacon

  • "Ohayocon Indie Gaming Showcase 2022 Player's Choice, Digital" - Ohayocon

  • "Ohayocon Indie Gaming Showcase 2019 Player's Choice, Digital - 3rd Place" - Ohayocon

  • "Writers' Choice - PAX East 2019" - Marooners' Rock

  • "MVP Award - PAX East 2019" - Nintendo Dual Screens

  • "Most Dedicated to Accessibility - Indie/Solo Dev 2019" - CanIPlayThat?

  • "Presented at Game Masters - The Exhibition" - Game Masters

  • "Kinda Funny Games Showcase 2018 - Official Selection" - Kinda Funny

  • "Magfest Indie Video Game Showcase (MIVS) 2019 - Official Selection" - Magfest

  • "Magfest Indie Video Game Showcase (MIVS) 2020 - Official Selection" - Magfest

  • "Smithsonian American Arts Museum (SAAM) Arcade 2019 - Official Selection" - Smithsonian Institute

  • "Indie MEGABOOTH - PAX East 2020 - Official Selection" - Indie MEGABOOTH

Selected Articles

  • "Wraith Games have created some interesting titles in the past and being so they are a Nintendo listened developers, they can guarantee some very interesting titles indeed are heading to Nintendo platforms, so if you’ve never played one of their games before, there is a great chance you will do in the coming months."
    - Jack Longman, Miketendo64

  • "The team at Wraith Games did an excellent job showcasing the game to us when we stopped by."
    - Chris Bohatka, CLE Tech

  • "Eager to learn more about both his strategy, success, and interest in accessible gaming, we sat down with Wraith Games founder Jay Kidd for a chat about what it’s like to start a studio from the ground up."
    - Corina Diaz, GameDev Cafe

  • "Every project is a passion project if you do what you love. The team behind Collapsus, a project we saw at Indy PopCon, and the 3D puzzle game Physix, Wraith Games, has turned passion into a profession."
    - Tanner Banks, Slickster Magazine

  • "Last week, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Jay Kidd from Wraith Games to discuss their new puzzle game Collapsus, their dedication to accessibility and some of the problems plaguing the industry today."
    - Joseph Giampapa, UnstoppableGamer

  • "Look forward to the future releases from Wraith Games. We are sure to see a lot of amazing things out of this company."
    - Mark Ball, Nintendo Love Affair

  • "This week's guests are Jay and Kristy from Wraith Games. The main topic is Collapsus but we also talk about Physix, color-blind compatibility in games, and more!"
    - Mark Bonneaux, IndieView Podcast

  • "Grant, Aaron, and Justin had the pleasure to sit down with Jay Kidd of Wraith Games to discuss the studio's newest game Collapsus"
    - Grant McClure, Game Over Game On Podcast

  • "At Jay’s studio which he founded in high school he handles a lot of jobs including marketing, promotion, business plans all on top of actually making the games."
    - Alex Bezuska, LouisvilleMakesGames

  • "Hamilton’s Wraith Games represented the only digital game at Dayton Designed. Their unique puzzle app, Collapsus, turns the genre on its head."
    - Josher Lumpkin, Dayton Daily News

  • "While it may seem like all fun and games, the process of actually creating a computer game can be hard work."
    - Mark Heyne, Cincinnati Edition - 91.7 WVXU

  • "From 3D printing of prosthetics to myoelectric arms that can sense muscle contractions to videogames helping to rebuild daily skills, there are many technological options available to help those with special needs."
    - Mark Heyne, Cincinnati Edition - 91.7 WVXU

  • "What a childhood dream: how many kids want to grow up and be developers like you guys? It must be pretty cool to be in your shoes!"
    - Catherine Bodak, Fox19 News

  • "Make sure you check out Wraith Games online and try the beta"
    - Josh Demaree, The Established Facts Podcast

  • "Wraith Games have another feature that stands out from others: Their games are playable by people who are color blind."
    - Mike Rutledge, Journal News

  • "That's right, every game you see in this place is designed and developed right here in Kentuckiana"
    - Derrick Rose, WHAS11

  • "Karrington is joined by Jay and Steve from Wraith Games and they talk a little about everything from their journey as a studio since 2005 where they started with the "50 bad prototypes", all the way till now"
    - Karrington Martin, Real Dudes Podcast

  • "Collapsus was one of the best puzzle games we played earlier this year at PAX East"
    - Jacob Wood, Indie Hangover

  • "For anyone who's ever had a dream, this is THE interview for you. I had the absolute pleasure and joy in talking with Jay Kidd, founder of Wraith Games."
    - Jonathan Polan, JP's Switchmania

  • "Collapsus by Wraith Games is coming soon to almost every gaming system. The motion-control capture game has over 40 disability options."
    - David Nath, Fox News

  • "11 innovations that increase digital inclusion for people with disabilities"
    - Ben Rabinovich, Daily Mail

Selected Articles

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Jay Kidd   (they/them)

Thorne Penn   (he/him)

Business Director

Steven Dorgan   (he/they)

Chris Quay   (he/they)

Lucas Lacer   (he/they)

Adam Brown   (he/him)

Natalie Wahl   (she/her)

Glenn Dubois   (he/him)

Griffin Parker   (he/him)

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