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Join our Discord!

We wanted to start 2023 off with a bang, so we’re opening up our Discord to all our friends and fans! Here’s the link:

We’ve had a Discord for a few years now, but it’s always been more of an internal development server where the team can keep track of stuff and communicate. Well, at the beginning of last year, we decided we’d take steps to open it up for all of you!

Back in the Summer, we had a very soft launch where we invited a few of our non-team friends (mostly other devs) and using that feedback, we set a final goal of “start of the year”. Well, it can’t get any more “start of the year” than Jan 1st!

In this Discord you can chat with us devs, make bug reports & feature suggestions, see upcoming build info, look at WIP & behind the scenes stuff, share high scores, pallets, & fan art, look at upcoming non-Collapsus projects, get all the news about our conventions, and, at some point, this will be the hub for our Collapsus tournaments!

If you love Collapsus, we’d love to have you! So check us out at:


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