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Festival, Con, Festival (Our Trip to Matsuricon 2017)

Hey all. This blog post is going to be a *bit* shorter than some of our other event posts, mainly because we took a BUNCH of pictures on Nat’s phone and then it up and died on her. So, with not a lot of visual aid (until we can figure how to recover the pics sealed in their plastic and glass crypt) our trip just doesn’t read very long. So… uh, yeah. Sorry about that.

Moving on…

For this special occasion we were part of the GDEX Megabooth (or Minibooth as it had been also tweeted). This means that we, along with our good friends at Multivarious (who run GDEX), Shawn Tanner, Todd Barchok, Deckpoint Studio, and Multithreaded Games! It was a great lineup of devs from the upcoming GDEX 2018 and GDEX (or OGDE’s) past! Also at the event was the two person team of designer Adam Wik and artist Yamerpro of the awesome card game, Galatune in the room next to ours! Galatune is a favorite of ours from Dayton Designed, so it was great seeing them there with us!

All-in-all, even though it was a 3 day event, it was kind of a smaller, more leisurely event for us. There may even be plans to do more of this type of event in the future, and we certainly wouldn’t object!

Now, in a couple days (the 1st of September, to be exact) I will be heading down to Louisville for LouisvilleMakesGames’ Kentucky Fried Pixels launch party/ trolley hop! I’d love to see you there! I’m not being joined by other Wraith team members for this one, since they’ll still be recovering from Matsuri and also prepping for GDEX (while working on the studio… and hopefully making some games)!

Oh, before I forget, RunJumpDev has posted their video of my Vector 2017 talk on YouTube (like here:



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