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Floor it!

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of a post last week. We were doing quite a lot and it just wasn’t in the cards, I guess. With Memorial Day yesterday, I guess this means we’ve been 8 whole days without a blog post. Yikes! Hey, remember when we’d go whole months without a post? Heck, we pretty much skipped all of 2013. Dark times, dark times. I’ll make sure that won’t happen again and I’ll also try to make sure this article doesn’t disappoint!

The floor. Oh, wow, the floor. You may not exactly know what I mean unless you follow us on Twitter, but just putting a new floor into the studio has been such a pain in the neck. Rather needlessly, too. We’d (officially) decided to get a new floor (wood laminate) all the way back in the hotel during OGDE in October of last year. We’d talked about all the cool stuff we wanted to do with the “Phase 2” of the remodel and just decided to jump right into it. Nothing was “too big” or “too stupid”. Luckily all of the ideas were very reasonable, so no problem there, right? Haha… yeah. Well I’m getting ahead of myself. This is a shot of the studio, well, we’ll say “half-way through” Phase 2:


), we had just bought the new floor (and all of the studio furniture) when that article went up. We were so excited to get that floor in and finally move on to getting our roller shades and finish painting that mural! So what happened?!

Don’t worry, it wasn’t. Still though, a huge strip of it was nearly impossible to get up without a crowbar, so it took another week to get that up! Warning: Bad pictures incoming (sorry about that).

It had taken forever, but we finally had a blank floor and nothing was going to stop us from putting the new one in… right?

Okay. What now? What could possible go wrong now?!

The Mill flooded.

Oh crap! The Hamilton Mill, where our studio is housed, flooded

the day

we were taking up the last of the tiles. Emergency people were called and the building was fitted with all forts of water pumps and industrial size driers. It was awful. While it had happened on our floor (the second floor), our studio was fine… unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the rest of our floor, a huge chunk of the first floor, and even parts of the third floor (where the water pressure had caused the fire hoses to go off). It was a mess. It’s (mostly) fine now, though.

Oddly enough, they ended up ripping up the carpet throughout the building. Even the places that weren’t flooded. If we had only waited a week they would have done ours, too.

Well, after that you’d think we’d just go ahead and put in the floor. Well, sadly, I’m the only member of the team who’s done this before and I’m not particularly experienced either (only having


install laminate twice before). My family had, though. So my mom, her husband Bruce, and my younger brother had decided to help me out. Well, my mom ended up getting pretty sick around that time (she’s had health issues her whole life) and my brother left for California on a trip to look for a college to transfer to (he’s a graphic design student with game art aspirations… I’m so proud!). This left Bruce, who not only had a prohibitive work schedule, but also couldn’t do it with just me helping out. We were really only able to get the prep work done and had to leave it set for a week…

This literally took a day with the two of them on it. Color me impressed! After all that. We have floor. Finally floor! Do you want to see what it looks like now?

Oooh yeah! Smooth like butter! There are still a few things that need to be done, though. The floor alone has a few spots that need wood glue scraped off of it and we need new baseboard and three door runners. There’s also a weird spot where the wall we have our green screen on was placed AFTER the carpet was put down, so we need to get a special piece cut to cover that part of it up. Other than that, though. It’s wonderful!

Realistically, the floor, mural and roller shades should have been their own “Phase 3”. Heck… floor and mural could have been their own phases on their own. Especially if you think of Phase 1 as painting and Phase 2 as furniture/equipment. Does that make the rebrand “Phase Zero”? Food for thought. I think we will call this “Phase 3” and the mural “Phase 4”. There’s something about that that clicks.

Well, catch you all later!


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