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Hey all! I really wanted to get this blog post out sometime last week (I knew it really couldn’t be Monday, though), because I wanted to start off by showing some pictures from our Microenterprise class graduation. It… well, it took them a while to get the pictures to us students, unfortunately, but we have them now! I have a few other pieces of news as well, but I’ll cover those after this part. So lets make the magic happen!

Outside of the Hamilton Mill: Mark in the back, David in the front. Stolen from their Facebook page

Anyway, the class was 11 weeks, and I took it alongside our good friend Lance T. Miller (and Joni, whom you may remember from our first-time VR video on YouTube). The class went over all aspects of business ownership and management including (but not limited to) sales, expenditures, taxes, paperwork, insurance, hiring, and the like. We all learned a lot, but luckily, since a few of us already had established businesses, we had a bit of a leg up.

On the 5th, we had a graduation ceremony for all those who completed the class with a satisfactory business plan. Take a look:

The event was even catered by our absolute favorite bakery (as well as not only Kristy’s and my neighbor, but also alumni of this very class a while back), The Almond Sisters! Tasty!

But yeah… it was a great experience and I learned a lot that will help Wraith along (Mark was VERY impressed with not only the business plan, but what we’ve done so far, so he’s certainly not worried about our success, so maybe I can lighten up a bit, too).

We still have a lot to do, though. Friday is the Fitton Center Season Launch (featuring our Radarkanoid arcade machine), the Kentucky Fried Pixels bundle still has a month to go (seriously, pick it up if you haven’t already:

) and the Collapsus Kickstarter is in 4 weeks… AND WE STILL DON’T HAVE A DRESS FOR THE PROM!!! Or… um… yeah. What was I saying? We’re going to be busy, busy busy here soon and that’s not even counting the weekly builds, press interviews and events we have lined up! Yikes!

We have a lot of new stuff coming at you, so stay tuned!


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