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In(tern) and Out

Updated: May 13, 2021

Hey everyone, Chris Quay here, Wraith’s newest intern! I’ve been hard at work this past month, coming to events with the team and tossing myself deep into the world of game development, and I’d love to talk about all my experiences so far as part of this amazing team. First up:

Being my first convention EVER, this was definitely an odd choice. A massive venue, fellow game developers as far as the eye can see, vendors selling every bit of gaming and anime paraphernalia you could imagine, was a lot to take in. But once I got used to all the lights and sounds of the arcade next door to the Wraith table, it was a great way to meet other devs and industry people. I met some cool internet artist friends of mine for the first time, and Jay introduced me to WAY too many people to count, most notably Glenn Dubois (famous chiptune artist and Wraith musician Glenntai), and Mark Barlet, founder and director of AbleGamers, who let us pop by and have a personal tour of their awesome space on our way home! That was definitely an experience I won’t forget for a LONG time.

Then, after a solid week of recovering from the post-con flu, it was off to Ohayocon!

Although Ohayocon felt a bit calmer in comparison, it was still filled with plenty of new friends and important meetings! I made friends with some more people from the extended Wraith team like Griffin Voyls, see all kinds of other tabletop AND video games and meet the people behind them, and later on had a delightful pizza dinner with Hanna and Jeff of Beyond Board. A lot of time was spent behind the Wraith table showing people how to play Collapsus and telling them about all the different features, but getting to try both Late Night Slice and Hot Chicken Takeover (whose macaroni and cheese was to DIE for) made it all worth it!

Soooooo, now what? Well, I’ve been hard at work in the studio, on a BUNCH of different things, from art to programming to typography to 3D modeling and every little thing in between. For the most part, I’ve been working with my fellow “GO TEAM INTERN!” members, Tradd and Lucas, to make a unique cooperative project to flex our game design and development muscles.

I’ve gotten the chance to get really close with the greater Wraith team, and I’ve had a lot of fun just talking about our common interests and recommending each other games to play and shows to watch (of which I now have a massive list to work through). I would genuinely not trade my experience so far for anything in the world, and I look forward to working with all these awesome people in the future!


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