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Indies at Indy (PopCon)

Hello everyone! Sorry that the blog schedule has been… let’s just say “weird” as of late. We’ve been putting a lot of effort into getting Radarkanoid done for the end of Kentucky Fried Pixels (which ends Sunday, so expect a Radarkanoid postmortem then) and getting the demo (and subsequent weekly releases) of Collapsus done before we hit Indy PopCon. This is all on top of us finishing up our physical Radarkanoid arcade cabinet for the Fitton Center’s Hindsight exhibit, finishing up our paperwork for The Game Master’s exhibit at COSI, and Pandoracon. All of this while we’ve been interviewing a new guy for our team! Saying that we’ve been busy is a huge understatement!

Now, with all this going on, probably the biggest things that have derailed our recent blog posts have been prepping for Indy PopCon (what this post is primarily about… I promise) and something unfortunate that happened that same week. We’ll get that out of the way first, but a quick bit of backstory.

(Credits for the table picture go to our new friend, Jessica Hayley of MidBoss, who took this before the guys slipped in on Saturday)

You guys really loved you some Collapsus!

Besides all of you who came and played, we got to meet so many other great people, too. I’m really sad that I didn’t get to meet you all personally. We got to meet even more of the Multivarious team, Jessica Hayley, Voidsoftworks, F-15 Interactive, GoblinCat, Robotic Potato, Luckshot Games, and many more (whom I probably don’t have on my list to mention for whatever reason). Our friends Brian Conklin and Craig Kaufman of the ever-awesome AbleGamers and Jarryd Huntley also dropped by and met Adam, Eric, and Mark (whom they hadn’t met before). A good time was had by all!

Well, with all this crazy laid to bed, we just wait as a new kind of crazy in the near future… more events and 2 game releases are just over the horizon! See you all on the other side of it (and next week)!


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