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Ouch! My hand really hurts!

I guess I’ll start by thanking everyone who showed up for A&G. I hope you all had a good time (I know we did). It seemed to be pretty hectic for a while, but it turned out to be even more fun than last year. After a few minor scheduling errors, everything went off without a hitch. All of the other guests had a good time as well… maybe even too much fun (but we won’t get into that… lol). Here’s a picture of some of the guests at the last autograph session…

From left to right: Eric Ferris (Nerdfit), Jay Kidd (Um… me), Chris Patton, and D.C. Douglas (as for where Troy Baker was for this picture, that’s a mystery we may never solve)

As you know, we promised an “exclusive surprise” at A&G on our Twitter last week…. Well…we had an new premier video at our panel on Saturday! We’ll have that up on the site and YouTube late this week with a little something extra from our new pals at Nerdfit (if you were at the Con, you probably already know what this is). On top of all that, we hope to have some new screenshots that even the people at A&G didn’t get to see yet! Just keep checking in all this week for some mind-blowing news and exclusives that’ll really make you want to PLAY HARDER!


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