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Quickly everyone… to the Mandatorium!

Hey everybody! Just here for the mandatory periodical updates (yes, that’s right; not only do I have no choice whether or not to write them, but you must read them as well). Well, we’ve been working on a new demo for Physix, and hopefully an accompanying video (if all goes well) that will truly show off the unique features and stunning graphics of our first commercial endeavor. With that being said, I’d like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your dedicated fandom even through the more, um… let’s say, “interesting”, business decisions we’ve made in the last few years (like hiring a full team of zombified lawyers).

Enough about the past; time to move on to a brighter future. And by “bright future” I mean “games so awesome they’ll make your mother’s brain explode*”. We even have plans to revive one of our older titles for commercial distribution. First, though, we have to make a new demo to present to GamePro to ensure the project’s continuity. Not saying which title it is, but we assure you it’ll be awesome!

That’s a while off, though, and our full focus is currently on Physix. You can check out our Labs page for some updates and feature announcements. We’ll try to keep you all updated with Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and Labs posts (and some S8G too) so none of you are left out of the loop. Keep your eye out, stay sharp, and remember to PLAY HARDER!

(*We here at Wraith Games do not condone the exploding of anyone’s mother’s brain. Seriously, that’s such a waste of a perfectly good meal! This message brought to you by: Wraith Games’ Elite Team of Legal Zombies)


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