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Thank You For Galatune-ing In!

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, for a little while now, we’ve been working on the official companion app for the Galatune card game. Well, what you may NOT know, is that it’s finally out, just in time for the Kickstarter for Galatune’s new expansion: Duality! So, what’s Galatune? Why are we working on this? What’s it been like to do so? Find out next time on Drago… now, find out now. Like, down below. Go on…

I guess you could say that it all started back in March 2017 at UDcon (you can read about that here: It was an event up at the University of Dayton, run by our good friends over at the Ohio Gaming Brigade. At that event, we ended up meeting our friends from the Bellum team, future Wraith team member (and captain everything at basically every convention) Griffin, and Adam Wik from Galatune. It was a great event. I even broke Griffin’s water bottle (don’t worry buddy, I’ll still get you a new one).

After a coupe run-ins with both Griffin and Adam after that, right before Matsuricon, Griffin came to me with a wonderful idea… let’s pitch the idea of a Galatune Companion App to Adam that weekend. Luckily our team’s Adam and Natalie were already very familiar with Galatune and while Wik was trying to run his booth all by himself, they were able to give him a hand. Then, during the middle night, the pizza dogs happened.

You may be asking: what’s a pizza dog?! Well, I’m glad you asked! There is a restaurant in our second home of Columbus called “Late Night Slice”. It’s a super late night pizza joint where they also make her own sodas. Best of all; the pizza dog. It’s a piece of pizza used as a hotdog bun with the hotdog also slit down the middle and jammed with cheese and pepperoni! Some may think it’s gross, but for me it’s heaven.

So, at around midnight were’s all at Late Night Slice eating pizzadogs negotiating this app. Very soon a deal is struck and we spend the rest of the meal hammering out designs. (This meeting was mentioned here: as a meeting about “REDACTED”) I then spend my free time at the booth the next day finalizing notes, and a couple weeks after the event we have the first of several meetings at the studio to finally hammer things out!

During the awesome Kabo event in Dayton (October 2017), we made the official announcement that the app would be coming out. It was so cool to see all those Galatune fans so excited about this collaboration. Now, 11 months later, during the Kickstarter for Galatune’s “Duality” expansion, we’ve released the app! It’s free, so don’t worry… also, when we say “free” we mean FREE. No ads, no microtransactions; it’s completely free for all you Galatune fans!

That’s basically it! We made something really awesome with some really great people, pertaining to a game we love. This is what we love about this community. Little things like this. Here’s looking forward to other cool things like this happening in the future!

Next blog? Probably Matsuricon. Stay tuned!


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