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Wow, what a long nap… Any leftovers?

Well, hope everyone had a nice Snacksgiving… I mean… umm… Turkeyday? I know that our last post wasn’t exactly the happiest, but if you remember, I had a few bits of news up my sleeve… Well, here they are:

Last March we had managed to wrangle up a table at A&G Ohio’s Artist’s Alley… They must have liked us so much that they’ve decided this year to give us official “Guest” status! Seriously, check it out: (We’re at the bottom of the page for the time being, and they might be making some changes to our bio as the convention comes closer.) Anyhoo, like last year, it’s going to be held at the Holiday Inn in Eastgate, Ohio (where were you expecting, Michigan?) Pre-Registration is only $25 until January 1st. You can order online here: We’ll have more info about A&G soon, so keep your eyes out. Moving right along… We had planned to post some new screenies and video, but there’ll be a bit of a wait on those as our own development PCs can’t handle the tests with full visual effects turned on yet. Yes, the game is sooo pretty that we developers can’t even run it fully yet! Heck, we could post some of the middle-ground screenshots, but trust me, it’ll be way more impressive with all the visuals turned on. Seriously, they’re well worth the wait! We’ll be making some hardware updates very soon, so be patient…

Until then, try to stick in there and maybe pick up a good indie 360 game like Experiment 12 on the Arcade. That game is awesome, but no matter how hard any of us try, we can’t seem to find who actually made that darn thing… the developers don’t even have a website, blog or even a freakin’ Twitter that any of us can find. It’s an amazing game, man it’s really something that made me: Play Harder… See what I did there?


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