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Wraith at OGDE 2015!

Updated: May 29, 2021

Hey all! Just wanted to use Monday’s blog post to make an official

announcement of sorts:

*Clears Throat* Ahhm. Mic test… Mic test. 1 2 3. 1 2. Mic test. Okay…

Wraith Games will be attending The Ohio Game Development Expo this year! (link here). The expo is at COSI in Columbus, OH on November 6th – 8th! Tickets are on sale now!

OGDE is a game development expo (duh) featuring so many talented developers from all around Ohio! Getting accepted as an exhibitor was a pretty big deal for us. We’ll have a booth where you can drop by to chat with us, play a demo of Collapsus (weeks before the first weekly build hits) and/or purchase one of our brand new t-shirts! We’re even planning on running a contest (though we haven’t quite figured all that out) and showing off some bits of the ever elusive Physix!

It’ll be a blast and we hope we can see you there!


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