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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Hey everyone, I have a bit of bad news: GamePro Labs (the indie publishing arm of GamePro Magazine that was scheduled to launch Physix) had closed down. Yeah, it’s pretty much how it sounds… This means that they will NOT be publishing Physix (or any other game by, well… anyone!) and we will most likely not be featured in the January issue of the magazine either (unless big business starts to give away free full page spreads, that is). It was quite a shock to me and the rest of Wraith to get the phone call today. It’s kinda like finding out that your friend has been in a car crash or something. I must assure all of you that Physix will still be launched, but it might take a bit longer than we had anticipated. We’ll soon be in contact with Steam, Impulse, D2D, GamersGate and a few others to try to find a good distribution method in the following months. Who knows, this may work out even better in the long run anyway.

On the lighter side of things: We have nearly finished development on Physix and should be entering BETA soon. We’ll have some screenshots and a new video up soon and I know that you’ll love them. We’ve added some new graphical enhancements, media assets and gameplay elements that we can’t wait to show off!

There are a few other announcements, but I’m gonna have to keep those under my hat for now… at least until things have been finalized, that is. I’ll hopefully have those out later this month, so keep your eye out, stay sharp, and remember to PLAY HARDER!


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