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A tale of two overhauls

It’s been a long time and we have much to show for it. As you’ve seen, we’ve made a complete overhaul of the site, going from a blog-thing to a sleek new Flash format. Not only can can you still find news (obviously), but we have all sorts of new pages over on the toolbar over on the right as well. One of the things to note in the Gallery are all new (totally revamped) screenshots from Physix. We’ve taken most of our time (after updating the site) to try and bring new life into the game (because that’s really what it should be all about). There’s been a massive engine overhaul over the last few months (which still aren’t even complete) which add all sorts of new elements to not only the graphics, but the gameplay and overall stability as well. It’s a bit of a leap and the game is still evolving as time goes by, but we hope all of you are happy with the upgrades so far. Make sure to tell us what you think by following us and commenting on our Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages (links also on the right). As for anything else, we’re hoping to have more frequent site posts as development rolls along as well as a new video coming when the engine updates are complete. Until then make sure to Play Harder!


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