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All the News That’s Fit to Air

Hey, all! Man, it’s been a busy last couple of weeks! Sorry for not posting as regularly as I would like as of late. It’s been a while, so without further ado…


and here:

). It’s always really great to be getting some more eyes on the studio and our projects. Heck, being featured in the JournalNews was huge for us. We thought it may be the biggest press we’d be getting for a while. Boy, were we wrong!

<img src=" WVXU Cincinnati (NPR) alongside Clayton Belcher of Jolly Crouton Media and Rob Buchheit of Nectar Game Studio. We talked all about the process of making games as well as the Cincinnati Game scene (especially IGDA Cincinnati). It was a blast being on the radio! You can hear that, well, here:

. Now, for whatever reason, my mic wasn’t on properly so there’s a bit of a popping sound, so sorry about that.

Now, that’s it for press, but on January 13th, I was asked to speak at the Fairfield Rotary Club about accessibility in video games. While most of the audience weren’t really “gamers”, what they do understand is helping people! The talk went over incredibly well and afterward I got to talk to some of the movers and shakers of Fairfield and may have laid the working for some cool new things coming up! They even gave me a really nice pen for coming to talk! Sweet!

) and we’re showing no signs of slowing down! What I wanted to go over is just some of the features added since we started doing the weekly builds:

  1. The addition of “Obsidian”, “Meltdown”, “Heavy”, and “Wizard” Special Modes

  2. The addition of “Shuffle”, “Karma”, and “Obsidian” blocks

  3. Graphical additions and tweaks (new menu items, powerup effects, logos, etc)

  4. Bug fixes (including web exclusive fixes such as the “fullscreen” and resolution glitches from earlier weekly builds)

  5. And more!

We hope that if you’ve had a chance to play Collapsus on the web so far that you’ve enjoyed it and will stick with us as we make it even better and that if you haven’t you’ll give it a try soon.

With the events of last year, all of the amazing press, and the awards Collapsus has won, we’re so happy that everyone’s been giving it so much attention. This year will mark even more events and press (and hopefully more awards) and we hope you keep supporting our weekly builds, and hopefully our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns coming up. Without you guys, Collapsus wouldn’t be what it is, and together we can make it even better!


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