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Don’t Tell Scotty

Hey guys! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We did. Though to be honest, it’s been pretty hectic around here and quite honestly, we don’t have much to show for it. Work on Physix has been pretty much centered on the graphical side of things (working on shaders and the like) and despite all that, the game doesn’t seem to “want” to look all that much better than the screenshots we posted in our gallery a little while back. Keep in mind though, it’s still better, just not much better and we don’t know if the engine can “take much more of it captain” if you know what I mean, so the graphical improvements may have to stop soon for better or for worse. Also, as you can tell, we made yet another change to our site as our web ADHD is a driving force on our way to world domination. We hope to be improving it even more as time goes on, but for now, this is what we’ve got. Anywho… We here at Wraith have been feeling a mite generous, as in the last couple months, we’ve managed to donate a bit of money to some causes we think are awesome. Get Well Gamers (a company that puts game consoles in hospitals for sick children), GameTrekking (helping fellow indie designer Jordan Magnuson travel around the world and make games about his experiences) and Indie Game: The Movie (an awesome upcoming documentary about indie game design, development and culture). We hope you take some time and look at these projects too, as they are very close to our hearts.

We hope to have more updates due to the easier-to-post blog format, but whenever we seem to plan posts, that never really works out, but hey. We hope to keep everyone informed so if there are no updates here, look out for some on our Twitter or Facebook. As the winter approaches, we hope you all keep toasty and Play Harder!


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