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Finally… Something to Say!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hello everyone! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted something worth noting, but we’ve mostly had a few “little things” and wanted to have more for you when I finally posted again. But– now that we have some updates, I’m here to say everything is rather on track, all things considered.

First I want to welcome a couple new team members: Steve and Chad. Steve’s a very talented 3D Artist, as well as a Graphic Artist… and I hear he’s decent with music too, but I’ve yet to hear anything he’s done yet (Get on that, Steve… I’m waiting). Chad, on the other hand, is just starting his career in design and development is an intern that has been working with us when we’ve not had him busy with tutorials (gotta make him useful… the cheeky git). Both are awesome people to simply even know and we’re excited to have them with with us.

Now, I know some of you have been curious about our up-coming mobile title, Collapsus. Rest assured that it has been coming along nicely. Even I have been enjoying the time I’ve spent playing it, and I’m not much of a “mobile puzzler” type of gamer. Look for some more frequent updates about it coming up soon, as we’re starting a Kickstarter to help with the finishing touches. At least, that’s what Jay told me after talking to Kyle and Geoff more in-depth about it.

Fear not though! Just because our focus in on finishing up Collapsus, that doesn’t mean our other titles are being wholly ignored or put on hold. Physix and AAAAH!!! A Giant Freakin’ Cave Worm Run!!! are still being talked about very regularly as we continue to tweak Collapsus. And once we have those three titles released, we’re looking to start back up with Jet Pack Hero again.

Busy, busy, busy… so– re-cap. Collapsus is coming along well enough that we’re going to have a Kickstarter campaign started here soon. After that, we’ll turn more attention to Physix and AAAAH!!! A Giant Freakin’ Cave Worm, Run!!! before resuming steady development on Jet Pack Hero.

For all of you that have been patient and read my ramblings, I have a treat! We have some pictures of the office! Complete with a a husk of an arcade cabinet that will be converted to a Collapsus cabinet to be put at Arcade Legacy. We’re talking large pictures you can actually see, unlike the pictures in Jay’s SlideDB post!


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