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If We’re Being Pressed…

Hey all! Planning on doing another relatively easy blog post today, especially since all of the upcoming Collapsus blog posts will more than likely be rather lengthy. Today, I wanted to talk about press. You know, like journalists. Specifically, I wanted to talk about our history in the press and where you can go check some of it out. Let’s start with the more recent ones and work our way backward.



The GamerProblems website lost most of it’s date a while back and the interview is down. You can view and archive of it here:

on our blog)


charity. We had talked to some of the guys from AbleGamers back when we went to OGDE in November. They really liked what we were doing with the colorblind options in Collapsus, so they said they wanted to get an interview done after the holidays. This is that interview:

This one, as you can probably guess, primarily focuses on the accessibility options in Collapsus, and our thoughts/feelings on accessibility in general. It’s a pretty important topic for us, so this interview was probably our favorite of the three.



The Nintendo Love Affair website is permanently closed. We’re talking with their main editor about archiving the interview on our own blog. Stay tuned!)

Hamilton Journal News

article last year as well:

Indie Game Magazine

in 2010 as well, but not as part of an article or anything. We had just donated to Jordan Magnuson’s awesome

project, so they had mentioned us. We may have also been mentioned in a 2009 issue of GamePro Magazine as well, but whether or not it actually happened is a bit of a mystery. This was supposed to be a lead-up to an entire article about Physix when we were part of GamePro Labs, but Labs folded before our article was even printed. Heck, GamePro itself folded not long after. To be honest, I have half a mind just to buy a few old back issues and give it a look-see. I may even write about it if I do.

Well, that’s basically it! We’re always looking to be featured in more articles (and no doubt will be as the Collapsus’ Kickstarter approaches). If you have a blog or journal or something and would like to interview us or have already just done an article on us and would like to share, you can reach out to us at

Next week: Probably Collapsus!


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