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Little Nemo’s Adventures in Shaderland

You know what? Updating is hard. I mean really hard! Development is the relatively easy part. It’s making awesome screenshots, videos and blog parts on a semi-regular basis that brings me to my knees. Let me explain:

We’ve been working hard on Physix as usual. We’ve got some music tracks hammered down, the menus and what little HUD pieces we’re using are nearly complete as well. Right now we’re once again waiting for some engine tweaks to be made and most of the effort around here is devoted to particle effects and shaders which are mostly done, but there’s always something with a project like this.

Still not sure when you guys should expect a release, but we’ve been talking with some publishers and for anything to move further with the marketing end, we need to have a final beta out and that’s what we’re working on right now. Not exactly sure if we’re ever going to have an open beta, but that may be something to consider if there’s enough of you out there who want to give a swing at it before it’s out.

Other than that, not much really. We’ve gotten beyond any sort of mass experimentation or major changes/fixes. It’s kinda boring here in dev-land for the time being. Just more chugging away at assets and stability. We usually like to have a post here a month, but it’s been kinda hard (like I said before) with nothing much notable going on. While we’re adding even more environmental media to flesh out scenes and remove the dreaded “flat-wall syndrome” most of it needs to be tweaked before it matches the aesthetic of the rest of the environment to begin with, so no pictures of that and since the other changes are more for stability or logistic reasons, many people wouldn’t be able to really see a difference if we posted about it ad nauseum anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, when it’s done it will be glorious (in our opinions at least), but for the time being there’s just not much to report. We’ll try to keep you all posted if something drastic happens, but for now it seems like snoozeville. Speaking of which, I’m going to go take a nap and then tweak some shaders… Catch you later!


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