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Ohio Gozaimasu! (Wraith’s trip to Ohayocon)

First blog of 2018 and it’s covering the first event of the year, too! We’ve just come back from Ohayocon! This was the first year of their Indie Game Showcase and all-in-all it was a HUGE success… so let’s talk about it for a bit, shall we?

Believe it or not, Ohayocon was actually the first convention I ever went to back in 2007 (a couple year’s after Wraith’s founding). I mostly remember that trip being a bunch of people and then it was over (but also that I had a pretty great time). This year was no different. Well, I guess it was a bit.

Unlike the time I’d gone before, we were mostly in one room for the whole thing. The wonderful new “Indie Game Showcase” run by our good friend Griffin Voyls (who also runs Kabo, and who we met at UD Con… then later introduced us to the Galatune team at Matsuricon). Small world, huh? This was an idea they had been brewing up for a while, and the amazing execution shows!

A Galatune Mufen, with a Wraith Games neckerchief (made by Griffin)

Alongside us, we were joined by our friends from events past, Galatune (right next to us, for convenient cross-promotion), Flyover Games, Bowlcut Studios, Todd “cred” Barchok, Deckpoint Studio, and a new face: Dump Trump.

We also ran into our friend Katie aka Elentori (artist for Multivarious) and she gave us some lovely prints of her work. We were hoping to have seen her and the rest of her team as part of the showcase, but it seems there was a bit of a double-booking situation or something. Hopefully they will come in full force next year!

The turn-out was GREAT! Of course, what else would you expect from one of (if not the) largest anime conventions in the state? As per usual, people loved Collapsus as well as all the other great games the other teams showed off. Some of our team members even got to help out Galatune since we’ve become so familiar with the game’s mechanics.

During all this, I was also able to step out and have a few meetings with some people. Vague, I know. Let’s just say that these meeting were directly about collaborations as well as our very own event happening soon!


Like I said, this was a great event. Remarkable for a convention that hasn’t done this before. I can only speculate how they’ll up their game next year!

So yeah. Next time: A post about the new website and the podcast (the first episode of which should be finished recording by the time it comes out). Cheers!


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