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Radarkanoid: Out Now!

You can pick up the bundle here:

It helps us out, it helps them out, and it helps YOU out by giving you awesome games! So, please consider tossing us a dollar (or more if you’re feeling generous)!

Anyway… on with the blog post!

So this isn’t quite a postmortem of the game, but more of a release post, and update post, and some more info on the game. For starters, since I’d mentioned that we made this in a month for a game jam (well, a bit over, but not by too much), did I mention that we have a time lapse of Kristy working on it? BAM!

Believe it or not, this is actually Kristy’s first solo-programmed, non-education related game! Pretty neat, huh? She’s really working hard to be on-par with our other programmers. We think she’s doing a bang-up job, don’t you?

Now, the video isn’t all of the development process. We didn’t think of doing a time lapse from the start, so we start a bit in medias res, I guess. Not only that, but we didn’t do a video for my art or Glenn’s music. Oh, who’s Glenn? Remember a long, long time ago (2010) when we did an interview with the Nerdfit Network about Physix (you can listen to a re-upload of it, here:

)? Well, Glenn Dubois, one of the masterminds behind Nerdfit (who asked all of the questions in that interview, mind) is also the absolutely crazy-amazing chiptune artist, Glenntai! (Check out his stuff here:

). He just so happened to do the amazing music for Radarkanoid (and I doubt you’ve heard the last of his sound in our games by any means).

Heck, he was just featured on Chiptunes = WIN Volume 5! Check it out:

Trust us, you’ll love it!

Anyway. You may remember from this post a little bit ago (

) that we were inspired by gaming’s history pretty heavily for Radarkanoid and that we like to fiddle with arcade games for our games (like this one here:

) AND that we’re showing off Radarkanoid at the Fitton Center next month (post about



) for their Hindsight exhibit (August 6th – September 30th, to be exact)…. well… take a peek at this baby!

Pretty sweet, huh?! We’re pretty proud of it. This is actually the second game we’ve shown off at the Fitton Center, the first being back in 2008, when I was still attending the Butler Tech School for the Arts. Since I was a student there, I got to show off a very, very rough version of our old zombie space game, Project Zion! Oh, the memories…

So yeah… Cat, the Director of Exhibitions at the Fitton Center, asked us to do something more “hand made” to fit not only the indie game spirit, but also the theme of the exhibit. The cabinet we’ve revamped was actually an old Mortal Kombat 2 cabinet that had over 20,000 plays back in its day! Now that’s some game history! That’s one of the reasons we went with kind of a street art/graffiti kind of look for the side art. It just seemed appropriate for the 90’s origins of the machine. Heck, we’re even thinking of maybe doing shirts of it. If you like that idea, please let us know!


) or, more likely, his amazing card art.

Here’s a look at the flier for the exhibit as well:

This is all really cool for us. We’ve had so many great opportunities this past year alone! If you guys like Radarkanoid enough, chances are that it’ll get a mobile release. We’re already looking at putting it out for free across several browser-based platforms after the bundle is over, as well.

Besides all this, next month we have another interview lined up, we need to prep for our Fall-Winter events, the Collapsus weekly builds are being made, its Kickstarter is in 8 weeks, we’re still finishing up the studio remodel, and we graduate from our SBDC class!

Man, it feels good to be an indie!


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