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Top of Our Game: Wraith at Game Masters – The Exhibition!

Oh wow! What a week! We worked on Radarkanoid all last week, went to Game Masters – The Exhibition on Saturday, and then came back to work on more Radarkanoid! We’ll have an update on Radarkanoid next week (when it should be out!) All you really need to know is that we’re really close to being done, we technically missed the Kentucky Fried Pixels deadline, but so did a lot of people, so there’s been an extension… so we’re all good on that front! Now on to the important stuff: a recap of our time at Game Masters!

For our part, each Saturday the selected a


indie developer to show off their stuff, and last week was all ours! We had a booth right at the front doors and tons of you awesome people stopped by to say “hi” to me, Adam, and Natalie and, more importantly, play some Collapsus!

Here are some great shots of just some of the awesome


who dropped by!

We had an absolute blast! Meeting all of you and soaking in the amazing game history was an


none of us will soon forget! Luckily, we’ll be returning on the 7th for COSI After Dark, a 21+ version of the exhibit for those of you who like beer with your games!

We hope to see you there! Until then, we’re signing off!


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