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Total Re-brand of the Heart

Hey guys! Long time, no post! We’ve been pretty busy the last couple months. Most obvious, is the fact that we’ve undergone a complete and utter re-brand! We have a sleek new site and blog, amazing logo and brand colors by our graphic designer (and new brand manager) Steve and an increased presence on social media.

It’s all pretty exciting stuff, if I’m being honest. We wanted to get this all out before the Collapsus Kickstarter (and before a few more surprises we have planned, but can’t quite talk about yet!) At some point, we should put out a post about the evolution of the logo and website (kinda like what we did on Twitter for Collapsus, but with a little background info). That will be in due time, though. There’s so much going on here that we want to take it all one at a time, step by step. Hopefully I can have a blog post out every Monday, if possible… but knowing my track record, you shouldn’t quote me on it.

So! What do you guys thing of the site, blog, logo and colors? You should let us know on our Facebook, Twitter and/or G+! We’d love to hear from you!


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