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Up, Up, and AWAY! Collapsus to the Finish Line!

Hey all, we’re about to once again head up to Columbus for GDEX! Before we do, however, we wanted to talk about what’s going on with and in Collapsus! Let’s do this thang!

<img src=" with #21 on it's way for Monday (it's actually the build we're bringing to GDEX)! Right now we have a schedule set out counting down weekly builds until release. We're not going to officially say when that is, but we can safely say "soon". That being said, here's a run down of things CURRENTLY in the game:

– 3 Standard Difficulties and 2 Unlockable difficulties (unlocked in the weeklys)

– Time Panic and Gravity Rush options

– 18 out of 25 Special Modes and 16 out of 25 Plus Modes (and now screens explaining what each mode’s gimmik is)

– 9 powerups

– 7 of 8 unique music tracks

It may seem like a lot (because it is) but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what we’ve already done. After that we have to port to all the platforms we’re shipping to (we have portability already working, we just have to run them on the devices) and then finish up the Versus Mode DLC (which is planned to launch shortly after the rest of the game).

So, yeah! We’re trucking right along toward completion! We’re going to try harder to meet our self-imposed weekly deadlines… especially with completion so close in our sights!


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