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4 Short Updates From Wraith

Hey all! Things have been going really well around here as of late, though, if I’m being honest, today’s blog post will probably be pretty short. See, most of you already know roughly what we have to report on anyway, so none of the news is really “huge” or anything. With that being said, here are “4 Short Updates From Wraith” (and yes, that is supposed to be a Simpsons reference hidden behind several layers of incomprehensible). Let’s rock!

First, a bit of a follow-up to our time at COSI for the amazing Game Masters Exhibit. Last Thursday, they had us come back to COSI for a mini Game Masters session for their monthly COSI After Dark event. For those of you who are uninitiated, COSI is


targeted toward children and families. COSI After Dark, however, is an event later at night for adults 21 and up featuring copious amounts of alcohol. Booze and science… what a combo! So, how could we refuse?!

Here are some pictures from the event!

All in all, the event was pretty amazing! Very much like our first Game Masters outing, we had tons of people stop by and play the newest demo of Collapsus and chat. It was honestly just nice to see some people really enjoying it. That’s why all the events we go to are awesome! We even got to hang out a bit with the Multivarious team (which is always a pleasure), though we wanted to hang out with the folks from AbleGamers again, they were just too swamped (which is very much a good thing, anyway).

AbleGamers (Stolen from THEIR twitter, too)

But yeah. Great event. We really hope to be able to do it again some time, if possible!

Next up is a quick update on Radarkanoid and Collapsus! Radarkanoid is basically finished (we’ve been doing some bug fixes


release) and is available on (though I’m not going to link to it until we do our “official” release announcement). It was tough getting it out on time before the end of the Kentucky Fried Pixels game jam. Heck, we technically missed the deadline. Luckily, so many other devs did as well that they made an extension (that we were able to keep). This marks Kristy’s first finished, non-education related, solo programming project! It’s super awesome.

Now, while that will “officially” launch with the Kentucky Fried Pixels charity bundle on the 14th (Yay! It’s just a couple more days!), Collapsus is a different story.

On the Collapsus end of things, we’re prepping the first weekly builds for hopefully some time next week, then there will be several weeks of those (available for you all to play free online) going up to, through, and a bit past the Kickstarter, which should be launching in roughly 10 weeks from now! SO EXCITING! Then, the last of the weekly builds will lead up to the official game release on most (if not all) platforms simultaneously.

Lastly, on Sunday, Eric, Steve, Camille and I had our first of several simi-regular writer’s meetings for Physix. Physix has changed a lot over the years, but this time is it. We’re prepping for the final dev-cycle on this now that we’ve not only switched to Unity, but cut our teeth on some smaller projects to get to know how to use it properly. Since Pokémon GO was just released, shenanigans at the meeting ensued!

Don’t worry, though. We managed to hammer out nearly an entire plot outline that will then go on to being fleshed out into a proper synopsis, then dialogue and storyboards! It’s really trucking along, especially with us trying to get a full demo out the door after we’re done with our current releases. It’s so cool to think that Physix is being taken off simmer and about to hit full boil!

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. We still have events coming up (and more being planned) as well as a new interview that will be out probably next month, but those aren’t big enough to hold articles in their own right. Stay tuned as I’m sure we’ll have tons of new updates right around the corner!


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