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Friends Near and Far – A Visit From The Game Over Game On Podcast

Hey everyone! Last week we were visited by our friends from over at the Game Over Game On Podcast. Let’s talk about that!

Well, we met some of them, anyway. This time, we got to see Grant again and Jake and Paige (Elvish Gaming on YouTube) while Aaron and Justin stayed back in Kentucky. Unfortunately, while they did get to see me, Natalie, Kristy, Lance, and Steve; Thorne, Cody, Eric, Camille, Adam, Mark, and Rachel had to stay at home… well, this time, at least! Their newest episode talking about this trip is up on YouTube here:

So, we started the day just hanging out at the studio. We got to talk a lot about games and their podcast as well as just life in general.

Steve had to pop out so he could get to work on a project, so I took some time to show them around the Hamilton Mill, where our studio is. They got to see the Hamilton Heritage Museum, the old municipal court room, and the old holding cells upstairs (which we call “the spooky”). Man, we have a great building!

After that, we headed out to one of our favorite downtown restaurants, “Neal’s Barque”! Then, after we ran into Kristy, we took a tour around the city! We went to “Monument Cabin”, the “Artspace Gallery”, the “Fitton Center”, the “Lane Tech Center”, and “Lemon Grenade Creative”!

After we came back to the studio, we were met by Lance who then blew everyone’s minds with some of his awesome card art (and card tricks)! Then Natalie popped in and we spent more time talking. After we decided to have them record an episode the next time they were in town, Lance popped out and we all went to get food at another one of our favorite local spots, “All8Up Pizza & Hoagies”! We’re really glad it made such an impression!

Well, anyway, that’s all we have for now, but you can see our newest SlideDB blog post here: which is all about Collapsus being on Steam Greenlight!

Catch you all later!


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