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Let’s Do The Timewarp Again!

Hey guys, Jay here! This is the second week of actually having “regular” weekly posts, and I gotta say, it’s not all that bad. Like I hinted at last time, all of this re-branding stuff has really gotten me thinking about the past, so this week I wanted to go into the history of Wraith a little bit in this post (if all of you are willing to indulge me a bit, that is). So here, we go!

Wraith Games started back in 2005 under the name “Mind’s Eye Games” when my friends and I thought ourselves how to make small, unpolished video games that we’d give away for free on our Geocities page (on a side note: Wow. Any of you guys remember Geocities?! Good times. Good times). We took a bit of time to grow and mature into more competent developers as we went throughout school. Some people left, we picked up some other people, yet more people left. It was crazy. After a while, though, we ended up settling on a vision for where we wanted to take things. That doesn’t mean that the vision didn’t evolve though, as you can see below:

(Sorry for the lack of pre-2008 sites. There were a few of them, but with the death of Geocites, there’s really no way of showing those off right now).

I remember submitting an early prototype for our game Project Zion to a publisher and being heartbroken when it was turned down. We had all poured our hearts and souls into it and had never even considered the idea that it might be turned down. I mean, they did offer some good constructive criticism, but we were just kids and to us, it might as well have been the end of everything… but luckily it wasn’t! We got back up and tried again. We worked on early builds of Physix, which in turn got picked up by Gamepro Labs (though they’d later crumble, that’s not really the point), we got invited to our first convention, A&G Ohio, and we even got the first of our loyal fans (most of which are still cheering us on today)!

We’ve grown so much in the last few years. While most of the team is the same as it has been since 2012, it’s almost entirely different from when we started in 2005… but in the end, that doesn’t matter! Every member of Wraith has left their mark on who we are now, and who we are is a team made up of more than just hobbyists. We’re dedicated to all of you. So, from all of us here at Wraith, let me say thank you. Thank every single one of you for making our dream a reality. Whether you’ve been cheering us on from the beginning, are just now seeing what we can do, or anything in between: thank you! We wouldn’t be here without you!


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