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Studio Remodel – End of Phase 1

Hey! How’s it going? Tell you what, it’s going great over here! Over the past week, we’ve been hitting the remodel of our studio hard and heavy (as you’ve probably already seen over our social media).

After taking what seemed like a miniature eternity to get the greenscreen painted on the wall to a point where it functions as, well, a greenscreen and all of this massive rebranding we’ve been doing, we finally started in on the true studio remodel to fit with our new rebranded look (and we couldn’t be happier with the results)! Just in time to start shooting the Colalpsus Kickstarter video and head off to OGDE, too!

Why not take a look at what we’ve done? Let’s start at the very beginning (I hear it’s a very good place for this sort of thing). Come on, I’ll give you the tour:

Here, in what we call “Day 0”, we took pictures of what the studio looked like, so we could mock up how we wanted it to look! It was a bland, crappy beige color that no one liked (including the directors of the Hamilton Mill, who gave us full reign to paint if whatever colors we wanted) from pretty much floor to ceiling… Yuck!

After that (on Day 1) you can see us lay down a layer of French Silver… Classy!

Day 2 was spent putting down a layer of Charcoal to help divide the walls! Oh là là!

Day 3 gave us the gift of Wraith Games Orange! Do the orange pipes remind you of anything we may be working on?

And with that, we cleaned up, took down the painter’s tape and moved everything back in! Pretty sharp, right? We still have to go back in and clean parts of the carpet and take a detail brush to some of the finer spots, but for the most part, we can call this a wrap!

Now, the remodel isn’t actually “done” (in the strictest of senses), but instead we consider this the end of “Remodel Phase 1”. What does that mean exactly? Well, I’m glad you asked! We have several new things in the works to make this space even more awesome! We have a new desk, chairs and drafting table planned for next month (or so) as well as a huge surprise from one of our very talented friends that we can’t wait to show off…

But we must! It’s not done yet and we don’t want to spoil everything, now do we? Anyway: This entire experience has been a blast and getting this place painted (and planning for more stuff here soon) has really brought the whole team closer! It will be so awesome to share more with all of you as well. For now, though, I just gotta say, “hang in there”! We have more amazing things lined up to show you soon and I’m sure you’ll be seeing way more of the studio now, too!

Gotta blast!


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