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Unveiling the first bits of Collapsus

Well, I’m not really sure how to go about starting news on a project I just uploaded yesterday, but have actually been working on in small bits for years. Back when I was in high school (in 2006), I had made Collapsus as a tiny little game in Java for my mom but didn’t think much else about it. When I met my future fiancee in 2008 and told her that I had a passion for making games, that same prototype was one of them I showed her. Obviously, I’d been working on other projects and still am; one of which is a first-person puzzle game that I’m hoping to get out of Alpha and post here too, but I digress. Out of all those small, little unpolished games, it was the one she really seemed to latch on to. Pretty soon she had all of our friends playing it. All of them said that I really ought to finish it because they all said it would be the type of game that they would obsessively play for hours. At this point, though, my passion was more for design and art than programming, but since I’ve been out of school, I’ve attempted to found a small little indie studio just for things like this and the aforementioned first-person puzzler. This of course means that since I was working closely with three programmers that at least a couple of them would want to help make this favorite among our circle of friends a reality.

As of yesterday, I uploaded a few work-in-progress screenshots and a video that by now is already a few weeks old. I’m coming here with the hopes that I can get some feedback, input and most hopefully some pats on the back (though I am probably getting ahead of myself). To be honest, I’m quite self-conscious of my work but none of the three programmers I have under my “employ” think it’s in my job description to upload this because I’m supposed to be the creative one (I use the quotations because at this point they’re just really good friends literally working for pizza; and with a Little Caesar’s right around the corner, I think I might just be getting the good end of that deal).

The game itself, Collapsus, will be free-to-play (with ads) on iOS and Android, and hopefully PC later, but we’re still working on that. It’ll have two standard modes (Timed and Free Play), ten or so special modes (incorporating special blocks and win conditions) and a whopping 200 puzzles in a Puzzle Mode.

I hope that you all enjoy and eagerly anticipate our little game as I have so eagerly anticipated so many games both on IndieDB and ModDB. Please feel free just to comment and criticize as you will because all of it will ultimately make the gaming experience better.

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