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A Match Made in Matsuricon!

Hey all! We came back from Matsuricon this past weekend and it was a blast! This post is probably going to be a bit short, but hopefully you like it!

So, I spent 10 days in Germany this month (plus 2 days on a plane/in an airport), so I got to skip work for a good chunk of this month. This was also the month I started work as a part-time game design high school teacher on the side (don’t worry, I started officially when I came back). This meant it was up to Mark to work on both Galatune app patches and Collapsus programming, Steve to work on some Galatune stuff with Mark and Collapsus animations, and for Kristy and Adam to work on Collapsus puzzles (yes, Adam has officially joined Kristy of the Collapsus puzzle design team)! Busy busy!

Right after I got home, I had one day to rest before my first day as a teacher (we played Super Mario Bros), and then, that Friday, Adam, Steve, and I headed off to Matsuricon where we were met by Griffin who rode by himself like a big boy.

Matsuricon was great! We were part of the GDEX Megabooth again this year. During that we got to hang out with our old friends from Multivarius, Adam from Galatune, Shane (Shoagie) from Extra Life, Todd Barchok (working on Isotower), the Luckless Seven team and more! We also made some new friends and fans! We even finally got to meet Max Krieger of CROSSNIQ+ in person rather than just on Twitter!

It was a bit of a slow weened with not a huge amount of traffic, but the people who did stop by the Megabooth had a great time! We even got to have our customary Pizza Dogs from Late Night Slice, and both Adam and Griffin competed in the Galatune tournament! All in all a good weekend!

So yeah. I said it was going to be a bit short. We are going to have a vLog episode going more into detail here soon, so don’t worry. We’re going to GDEX, Gameacon, Kabo, and The West Virginia Game Developers Expo here through September and October. Collapsus should be off to the publisher by then, too. So expect a much bigger blog post next time! Catch you all on the flip side!


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