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Earth, the Final Frontier

Greetings from the far-off year of 2011! With this new year, we’ve set out to make ground shaking progress an our, well, “work in progress”. That being said we need to clear a few things up first. Apparently the reactions of the new screenshots were very “polarizing” for lack of a better word. Some people love the “new”, sleek, sci-fi look and others think the new style is far too reminiscent of a spaceship (you see what I did there?) than the modern-ish, industrial factory/warehouse/laboratory-thing we had originally planned for Physix. To be honest while we’ve had some downtime waiting on our fabled engine updates, we’ve just been fooling around with different styles for the heck of it to see what we like best. We don’t totally know how the final product’s going to look yet, but it’s a process. It will more than likely take elements from both art styles and make something greater than the sum of its parts (or so we hope anyway. It could just look like a big pot of cookies and cream gumbo… never mind, that’s just disgusting). Just thought you all deserved an explanation. We hope to be making more frequent posts as the project get closer to a solid Alpha build. Hang in there. For now just Live long and… Play Harder

(BTW: Yeah, I know. Two Star Trek references in just over a month’s time. “Bah” you say! Well “bah” to you! It’s my blog and I’ll make all the references I want. Make it so, Number One!)


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