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Fighting Gravity

It’s Monday, and you know what that means! BLOG POST! YEAH! It may just turn out to be a rather short one this week, mostly because I figured we could let the images speak for themselves. Images? What images?! Well, I’m glad you asked. We have some great new WIP images from one of our awesome projects! For once, it’s not Collapsus (though we do have some updates on that front, too, with some awesome stuff that’ll be posted on our social media all throughout this week). Now, at long last, this is a post about Physix!

Our work on Collapsus has been proving very popular as of late, but whenever we talk to people about our projects, Physix is what gets everyone’s engines really running! Over the past year, we’ve been working rather quietly on porting Physix to Unity (as you may already know). The original demos we showed off to the public at places like A&G and on YouTube (which is the same build that GamePro Labs were going to publish before they folded and that Blitz 1Up was looking into before they did the same) were built in DarkBasic Pro/FPSC (which isn’t really unusual for us seeing as the Collapsus prototype started in Stagecast and the “real” game was originally in Corona SDK). We had started off just porting the assets we were using in the old builds straight into Unity with code mostly by then new (and now gone) programmer Dante who you may know from his work on our earlier web game FlyGuy (which is, also oddly enough, based off a terrible old Stagecast prototype from around the same time as the original Collapsus prototype… small world, huh).

Anyway, it was going pretty well, until Dante had to depart (which isn’t particularly unusual for a startup, let alone an indie game studio). I know what you’re thinking. “Jay! I thought you said ‘this past year’!? Wasn’t the Unity port started in 2012?” Well, other than being oddly specific, it is indeed accurate. After Dante’s departure, we took a bit of a break from working on Physix to focus more on getting a solid version of Collapsus out and really just picked it back up late last year.

We decided to use what we could of Dante’s code and scrap the rest, with new programmer Jon (who weirdly enough has recently departed in a similar manner to Dante back in 2012) charged to create a functioning framework for all the gravity-shifting awesomeness Physix has to offer. Oh, boy he did not disappoint! You may be familiar with these cryptic pictures from our Twitter last month:

Yeah! That’d be them. Well, Jon’s not much of an artist… that’s why we have Steve! Here’s a bit of what Steve’s been working on that’s gotten us so excited! Excited enough to make this post now of all times, at least:

Now keep in mind, I pretty much had to pry these away from Steve who was working very diligently on tons of new Physix art and that these are very, very early into his process. Heck, he should have even more awesomeness as the weeks go by. Really, the point of this is that we’ve gotten a surprising amount done in (relative) secret especially since Physix wasn’t anyone’s priority alpha in quite some time. With Collapsus’ development winding to a close, however, we’ve begun starting up our engines again and we’re ready to defy gravity once again!

Okay. Guess that wasn’t all that short after all! Well, stay tuned both on here and on our social media as we pump out more Physix content now along with our usual Collapsus development progress!


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