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Premiere-ing a New Video

Oh, puns. How I love you! So… It’s week three of this whole weekly blog thing and it seems like it’s going pretty smoothly! We’re all pretty excited about that (mostly because our blog posts prior to the re-brand were sparse at best). Anyway, on with the actual post:

As I’m typing this it’s early Monday morning (just past midnight, to be precise, so when I say it’s early… yeah!) Later today we have the filming for the first half of the big Collapsus Kickstarter video, which should hopefully be finished right before we launch our new weekly builds on Kongregate (stay tuned for that in the near future). That’s not what I’m really here to talk about however. I mean, how am I going to fill an entire blog post with stuff for a video that hasn’t even been filmed as of the writing of this post (I’ll save that for a week or two from now)? No. This post is all about another video that we’ve been working on the past few weeks!

We’ve been working on an all new trailer for Collapsus to coincide with our next convention appearance! While I can’t really talk about that yet (don’t worry there will be a post about it when the cat’s officially out of the bag) I can say that the event staff requested a media pack, complete with an all new trailer for the event!

This is it being edited in Adobe Premiere. Get it? “Premiere-ing”? Like “Premiere”? Adobe Premiere? In the title of the… oh never mind!

We’re going with a pretty straightforward “gameplay with blurrier gameplay in the background while text flies by explaining why you need to play this” route. Classic. Right now we’re about 95% done with it and we should be ready to show it off when we make our announcement for our next big appearance!

Here’s another one… this time with text!

We’ve been putting a lot of work into this video to make sure it’s awesome and we hope the new Kickstarter video is just as good! With the re-brand, Kickstarter, weekly builds and this upcoming con appearance, we’ve been pretty busy, but it looks like it’s all coming together! Thanks for being along for the ride with us!


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