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Radarkanoid: Some Game We’re Working On

Hey all! Well, for this week I wanted to discuss a (very) little project we’re currently working on called Radarkanoid. It’s a block-breaker style game similar to the likes of Breakout or… well… Arkanoid, but instead of a standard (and a little boring as of 2016) rectangular play field, it’s a circular one where you can move up the walls (similar to Andrzej Kapolka’s Radial Pong, that you may have played on Albino Blacksheep back in the early-2000’s). It actually has several inspirations both mechanically and aesthetically other than just those, but since we’re planning on putting out a postmortem blog post after it’s done, we’ll save that for later.

Believe it or not, it’s a game that I’ve been wanting to get done for quite some time(before Physix, in fact) but never got around to doing because other, larger projects ended up taking not only my time, but the rest of the studio’s as well. It was conceived as one of a few smaller, free games that were just sort of neat experiments that I felt had to be made, even if they weren’t earth-shattering by any means.

We put these up on Twitter last week mostly because I was trucking away on the art before Kristy got to working on the programming. That’s right, this time there are only two of us on this unlike Colalpsus and Physix. Just me and Kristy. Told you it was a small project! We really don’t want to waste to many people working on such a small, few game. How else would our big titles get done!?

I eventually got to something looking like this. Pretty neat, huh? Well, like with the gameplay inspirations, the graphics have a lot of hidden inspiration, so you’ll just have to wait until the postmortem to hear about them. Ain’t I just a tease?

We even have a special version of the logo! Sharp, right?

But yeah, it’s not the biggest game but we’ve really had a lot of fun with it in-house both designing AND making it. The plan is to release it for free on Kongregate, Newgrounds and maybe some other free places on the web and we’re also shooting for a mobile release. Let us know if you’d like to see it anywhere else!


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